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  1. MORE MORE!!!!!!!!! I feel like Tyrone Biggums
  2. For me, the Isles are so bad it's pathetic. There's something so shitty about them they are virtually unplayable. I'd take OTT,ANH, or FLA over them anyday
  3. Kevin Todd says: "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play, today"
  4. [*]jrodimus31 missed the playoffs due to DNP penalties. It's for the better. Cam Neely woulda killed you negros
  5. Sounds like somebody forgot to take their ritalin this morning
  6. I'd say he's HOF material-his stats can't be denied-Although I'd probably win a cup or two starting for some of those Red Wing teams I was never a big fan of his style or performance in the clutch when he first came on the scene, but he's improved drastically throughout his career.
  7. How about a stat that tracks injuries given/received
  8. The super top-secret Ninja rom It's sooooo underground, not even Clockwise knows about it!
  9. Whichever team that's being controlled by an inebriated hokkeefan.
  10. Have to go with Detroit-top to bottom, there are so many options with that team it's sick
  11. Hey boys- Jrod availability is pitiful Usually Saturday night(late) and Sundays(PST) from 9am-5pm Probably this Thurs evening
  12. Thanks Frey- I was thinking I needed a seizure today
  13. Kinda tough to get games in when NOBODY"S around anymore
  14. Weekends are it for me, bro-and nobody's usually on except for hokkee when i'm around
  15. Proof that it wasn't just the booze making him weird
  16. Yeah man. You need to learn to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Ingrate
  17. Pittspuke Penguins First Line G - Bob Essensa LD - Don Sweeney RD - Dave Manson LW - Joe Murphy C - Cam Neely RW - Trevor Linden X - Shayne Corson Second Line G - Ron Tugnutt LD - Jamie Macoun RD - Frank Musil LW - Dallas Drake C - Shayne Corson RW - Dave Poulin X - Dallas Drake
  18. Cosign-The website is half the fun-posting scores is ok, but not as involved as a site with standings and stats.
  19. Sebe's avatar is NOICE!!!! (BTW one of these days i'm gonna challenge you Sebe)
  20. For fucks sake, hokk-are you trying to give me a f**king seizure?
  21. Mmmmm....2 for 1 Habs still wins for hottest avatar tho- there's just something about that broad that makes me want to lick the monitor
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