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  1. Umm, look to the left Cute kid, hopefully he didn't inherit the hokkee rage gene
  2. Damn, hokk! No wonder you drink!! If i worked there i'd end up with no limbs within a week!! BTW-I have a pet sitting/dog walking biz
  3. muhahahahahha!!! I GOT IT!!! Now this post can't be replaced with a smiley!!!
  4. ,yeah, okay Hokk i hope to god you don't work around computers
  5. -kill the clock. -have your guys carry the puck up instead of pass(cuz pucks start bouncin off of skates in the 3rd) -no back passes in the attack zone. -skate into corners/behind net to make your opponent take the puck from you. -always keep a F back to help out on d -that'll be five dollars
  6. Det 6 @ Hfd 4 Hfd 2 @Det 3 GGS Defect The Whale is for real!!!
  7. Sick. 'mitry, you are officially the man
  8. Dude, i don't know an algorithm from an alligator What smo said!
  9. Vech, no doubt. Dude is electrifying And the fact he negotiated his own contract(with no scummy agent) further solidifies his status as "the man"
  10. Game winning goals? Or howz about who has the most 1st star votes?
  11. Just threw up in my mouth, thanks
  12. Guilty. Even him kickin ass in the World Cup was bittersweet for me. My Ranger hatred runs deep....
  13. Ice, shot was going wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Gary Thorne just embellished so much it seemed like it was on net. Richter snagged it for the whistle. (if we're talkin about the same save)
  14. Habs-every time i see your avatar, Stevie Y reminds me of some bad-ass hockey playing android
  15. Holy s**t!! ps-give him time, he'll let you down
  16. A canadian drinking American beer?
  17. He speaks the truth, i was there However, the universe has a bit of hate for jrod as well, evidenced by an 0-6 record in overtime(gens A/B and gdl).
  18. agreed I'll never forget the excitement of guys just murdering each other in playoff ot's w/no penalties!! IT WAS LIKE WAR!!!!!
  19. The f**k? ps- see you next week
  20. Jrod vs Carse CHI 3 @ DET 5 DET 6 @ CHI 7OT ggs carse
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