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  1. 64? USA 3(SOH/Jrod) @ CAN 5(habs/sonix) 65? USA 5(SOH/Jrod) @ CAN 4(habs/sonix) ggs boys
  2. gm 57? CAN 1(dmac/sonix)@USA 7(SOH/Jrod) 2mo gm 58? CAN 2(Hab/dmac) @USA 1(SOH/Jrod) gm 59? USA 9(SOH/Jrod) @ CAN 6(Hab/dmac)
  3. 7.9 Buff Steve Chiasson
  4. 5.9 Buffalo From the dwindling pool of talented d-men, the sabres select James Patrick
  5. 4.16 After much debate, the Buffalo Sabres select G Andy Moog
  6. YES!!!YES!!!!!!!!! IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Sabres select-Nik Lidstrom (boy was this a tough one)
  8. To keep with the lightness theme, The Sabres choose Denis Savard
  9. No worries, man. We'll get them douchebags next time Sides, i smell a USA hot streak comin on
  10. Love how hokk always thinks of something else to say and posts again like 1 minute later Especially funny when the 2nd post is noticeably angrier
  11. ps-On a personal tip, I'm deeply offended by the depiction of violence against toddlers in your avatar
  12. Looks great to me- (No AJ!!!)
  13. I just think swos needs to submit a draft list to AJ... Unfair to hold everybody up due to time difference
  14. Yeah this will officially suck balls if we have to wait every round
  15. ive played him a few- usually late my time pst conn usually good on my end, choppy on his
  16. jrodimus

    GDL 3 Awards

    Fun stuff- GDL3 awards 1. Best Overall Coach - Kg(Winn)-Still dominant in a tough conference 2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - EA(Det)-Kicks your ass and still shoots the breeze 3. Best Offensive Coach - AJ(NYI)-Unstoppable attack 4. Best Defensive Coach - Smo(Dal)-Like playin in mud 5. Best Manual Goalie Coach - Icestorm(Tor)-Good luck beating him 1on1 6. Most Creative Coach - Habs(Mon)-Can beat you in so many ways(sniff) 7. Most Improved Coach - KingsCupRun(LA)-Figured out his team late in the season to make a push to playoffs 8. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Ed(SJ)- Didn't know about the weight bug till too late 9?Rookie of the year - Icestorm(Tor)- Came into the league and played like a vet. Ended up with one of the best reg season records.
  17. #2 (i'd say give him a few more days, but hasn't he disappeared in the past?)
  18. Damn, Ice somehow you look younger now than 12 years ago
  19. To me, the non-pick of roenick by ed was the most shocking. At the very least he coulda been insane trade bait
  20. Not to be a killjoy, skool, but you probably should refrain from using the term "bitches" I personally know of a few female dogs who frequent these boards and would be deeply offended by your vernacular
  21. 1.9 The Sabres are proud to bring home- Alex Mogilny
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