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  1. Yeah, another year of non-moves by the Devs. Gee, i wonder if they'll lose in the 1st or 2nd round in the playoffs due to lack of scoring ability?
  2. Which fast food joint will you play in this series VC?
  3. Kg I can't believe you would end your "HOF" GDL career winless against me!!! I would consider signing up for the KG school of hockey, but i don't know if you train 'mericans.
  4. Add yet another hat to the head of the multitasking clockwise, AKA Jesus. Me thinks the guy has a side job as a therapist!!
  5. Does this mean we'll see EXTREME anger from hokkee?
  6. Fans, be sure to check with your local vegas sports books on odds concerning hokk's return
  7. WRONG!! KG is rockin and rollin thru his playoffs-he was through 2 series before anyone!
  8. HERE HERE!!!! I vote for hokkee as commish!(that would be just-awesome)
  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sux to lose the site's best player! Hopefully this doesn't include all leagues. Best of luck, EA! Hopefully you'll still be down for exhi's
  10. I think it's a great idea, I'd be in. We should roll these leagues as quickly as ice changes his avatar
  11. Dude i've got a $50 spot right here for the chevette
  12. Awesome job Donch. Thanks for feeding my addiction.
  13. Ron Barr Quarterfinal MTL(4) vs Buff(5) 1. Buffalo(jrodimus) @ Montreal(HABS) 2. Buffalo(jrodimus) @ Montreal(HABS) 3. Montreal(HABS) @ Buffalo(jrodimus) 4. Montreal(HABS) @ Buffalo(jrodimus) 5. Buffalo(jrodimus) @ Montreal(HABS) 6. Montreal(HABS) @ Buffalo(jrodimus)* 7. Buffalo(jrodimus) @ Montreal(HABS)*
  14. Hey Habs Even tho i have a weird sched. Here is my availability for the week: Tues.-Should be around till aboot 8PM (PST) Wed.- Def in the evening/night (after 6PST) Thurs.- Should be on after 3PM Fri. -Should be on all evening/night Sat.-Same as Fri Sun- late (after The Big Game)
  15. Can't speak for VC cause i don't know his situation, but if it were me i'd do what it took to get the games in-even if it meant playin on a friends computer with a keyboard! I voted no BTW based on inability to play games. *Edit-Just checked the GDL website to see that VC is knocking out a bunch of games as I type. I'd change my vote to yes if he can get em done in the next couple days(god i must sound like a politician)
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