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  1. Maybe this dude shoudn't have been in A then. Fpb is making s**t work with f__king Hartford. If a guy like kg took this team they'd b over 500. And hokkee go f yourself with any ball licking comments
  2. :lol: FPB's outbursts are almost hokkee worthy
  3. Maybe you can buy a better connection with all that translator money
  4. Awesome! For me it was Test Drive II: The Duel, Shadow of the Beast and Wayne Gretzky hockey (with league simulator)-Played those games for days at a time
  5. Hat trick was an ancient one-on-one game for c-64 in the 80's
  6. Looks like a juiced-up version of hat trick
  7. Lol predictions: carse (again!) , smo is too smart not to win, and no idea about C league
  8. Thanx for the props guys! Like AJ though, rust may be an issue with me
  9. Holy crap! Gens A looks like an all-star league!
  10. Gdl 6 (I think) early 2010, and yes, I'm getting old
  11. I recall Mike Ricci-led TB taking you out in the semis not too long ago....
  12. Ditto what smo said. That sucks hard.
  13. Ruh Roh! Are you listening, Carse?
  14. Hokk is a dangerous character in any series (sober)
  15. Hull/Oates were devastating. The Golden Brett woulda had a 100 goal season had they stayed together.
  16. Lamest=CGACCC Carse's Gay Ass Cross Crease Cut
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