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  1. any idea where I could get the english translation??
  2. game over. skool, you win(I'm cryin for christs' sake)
  3. Prob be tied up the next 2 eves. But anytime in the evening(PST) after that I'm CGY,btw
  4. Seconded. Gonzo rules!!! 0-10 start to finish in the playoffs
  5. congrats, Mr. Legend Hard earned and well deserved
  6. word. Not fair to the guys in the other conf who: A. Have to play another playoff round B. Played (or tried to play) out their entire season I say do 1-8 if possible
  7. Yeah, kinda gay that I couldn't finish my season cuz the guy I had to play quit playin IN SEPTEMBER. Probably happens every season. But congrats, Vinnie, wish I coulda played 40
  8. Rumor has it that he's in South America competing in one of those underground 2on2 tourneys that were banned in the US a few years back
  9. uhhh.........yeah? Detroit, Come out, come out wherever you are
  10. East Rutherford, NJ (Continental Airlines Arena) NYC (MSG) Anaheim (Arrowhead Pond) MSG is great(even though I hate the Rangers ) ps-oh and las vegas (AHL and ECHL)
  11. Not to worry, Devils management Noone will show up to watch the home games in NJ anyway
  12. Always wondered what that thick 'stash was for.... covers up the mouth herpes
  13. Mercy rule, anyone?? I know this topic was already addressed, but DAMN!!!
  14. C'mon, Sebes Of course I do! I know you weren't complainin', point was valid, just being (new jersey) devils' advocate!
  15. Personally, I don't have an issue with it. The skill level of an new coach is a crap shoot either way. I believe that gens C is full of new coaches, original and replacements. In a perfect world, everyone would (or could) play out the entire season. Besides, what's wrong with a replacement who's able to be competitive? Whether he's awesome or so-so, I'm happy if he's playing his games. Just my 2 cents Jrod
  16. Ice, That Gorton's fisherman is the pimpest thing ever.
  17. PWNAGE is just great. Fits the situation perfectly. SSiG you're a genius
  18. Don't know the guy, but based on what I've read about his antics, I vote no. It may not really be my place to vote on this(having never been in the GDL), but these leagues are about having fun and competing, not worrying about someone padding their stats under different names. Jrod
  19. Doesn't matter since my Devils are taken. No preference
  20. I vote for 2 mins. More often than not, injuries seem to occur by chance rather than due to the severity of a hit.
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