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  1. I beg to differ, Iceman. Las Vegas is hands down the worst big pro sports market.
  2. who the f is thinking about 94 when you post pics like that, habs
  3. Imagine if that were Hokk in Rypien's shoes-that guy would have been killed on the spot.
  4. Hey, what exactly do you mean by "new jersey" talk? Nice Gaga pic btw
  5. Hokkee, If you f**k this up and have a .500 season with vancouver, I'm gonna personally travel to canada and smack you upside the head On a side note, Carse/fluery is just wrong
  6. I want to-especially with you and Ice involved I'm afraid I'm too busy tho
  7. Dammit, this is killing me, I want to register but work almost the entire weekend
  8. That's a heck of an idea, Carse. Those people that said you were a dumb football player were wrong, and I'm gonna tell em
  9. Oh snap I might have to come back to join your team, Ice-Expendables style
  10. I'll be glad to be his Nadal ps- congrats, Carse You are the Iron Mike of NHL94
  11. cheap ass devils won't be able to keep kovy.....he was one of the few guys that played with heart in the playoffs
  12. And on a side note, Jay Mohr sucks ass I wonder who that load has dirt on to keep getting work?
  13. Hopefully the return of Arnott will wake Elias up.
  14. Yeah. The cracked out version of the legion of doom. Also had two fat ass d men and dominic f**king hasek in net!! Ps-Welcome back, rino!! Can't wait for Tomas Sandstrom's next interview!
  15. Poo on CBC That "worst" team ripped through the playoffs with a 16-4 record and had the most road wins (10) in nhl playoff history.
  16. Don't underestimate the power of Mogilny! On a side note, I'm gonna build an all Jamaican-born team
  17. IDK, mang. I think FPB has what it takes.
  18. I'd bet good money that hokkee would destroy him
  19. Trying to decipher jesus' unibomber secret message......
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