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  1. Hokkee, I am officially disturbed by your avatar
  2. Funny a guy that got beat by Tampa is talking smack about them
  3. Dayum. Looks like FPB on a mission
  4. Good luck, homies Somebody's gonna be a 1st time GDL champ
  5. Me thinks whomever wins the cup will come out of the wales this year
  6. Anyone that takes hokkee's drunken rants to heart has a screw loose. For once, I agree with FPB-there's no 12 year olds here.
  7. cosign-this site is way more fun with hokk-unrestricted
  8. I believe he got his crazy ass banned from the site because he purposely talked s**t about Evan, knowing what the result would be. At the time, felt like he needed a break from the site and that was his "out".
  9. EA should build a statue of this guy, Rocky Balboa style. RIP
  10. Youngblood f**king rocked. That movie made me want to play hockey. The goalie with the skull mask was just sick.
  11. Without even watching it, I'm guessing you're the big doofus on skates with broken english. edit: just watched it, u r doritos dealer w/out a doubt
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of addiction, Jeremy ps-did you speak in class today? (rim shot)
  13. Thanks to an amazing pass from Mike Tyson
  14. Wait, wait I'm censored by the gestapo for calling him flamingh@m@bure yet he's calling people worse? Weak ps-congrats, flasox for making it onto 3 different lists!!
  15. Kg, I'm gonna start training Rocky Balboa style so I can destroy you in Kg vs Jrod III ps-f**k Modano that horse-toothed jackass
  16. Gee, thanks guys (sniff). I'm rapidly catching up to you Iceman
  17. Another textbook example of your typical dumb-ass Ranger fan
  18. Just confirmed: To Jrod: Hokk's 42 inch flatscreen TV To Hokk: Pack of smokes
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