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  1. No, please don't stop this is f**king hilarious
  2. The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting a different result.
  3. Yeah-Mully is heavy, kinda dumb and one-dimensional(Owan Nolan syndrome)
  4. And I thought ChrisKnights was the king of retarded offers
  5. cosign. Sweeney almost single-handedley got me to the GDL6 final.
  6. Here we go- It's officially hokkee drunk ass trading time
  7. As much as I hate to, I'm gonna have to back out of Blitz. Two jobs and school just don't allow me the time to play my league games. Thanks for running a great league, smo-maybe I will have the time to re-join in a future season. Jrod
  8. Thanks for the consideration, boys, but I just don't have the time right now, unfortunately.
  9. The most highly anticipated series of the year was a bit anti-climatic. Jrod/Kg II ended in a four game sweep. Kg pokechecked me to death, clogged up the middle and used Mike Modano like a weapon. The somewhat slow TB team effectively shut down Winnepeg's other forwards, but had no answer for Modano's breakaway speed. Modano was so effective, in fact, that he scored 12/15 of his team's goals for the series! Fuhr was solid in some games, brutal in others, and breakout star Craig Simpson was invisible for most of the series. I tried my best, but the rust was way too thick to put up much of a fight. Congrats Kg,(you rat bastard) 1st ever GDL 2X champ!!
  10. A. I'm around for games tomorrow. B. I'll record the f ing series. C. I'm not a little blonde girl.(but I sure could go for one(legal age of course))
  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. I do believe his Bettman conspiracy theory has some validity, however.
  13. Pitt: Drops D Sirgay Bautin Picks up off waivers D Chris Joseph Thank you
  14. Jrod didn't draft his team-Thanks AJ!!
  15. Wasn't that the game with the long ass warning in the manual about possible seizures from the constantly revolving camera angles and flashing lights?
  16. Entertaining offers for super tough speedy dman manson, newy and Jagr(!) No rediculous chrisknights offers
  17. Team: Pittsburgh Penguins First Line G - Mike Richter LD - Dave Manson RD - Zarley Zalapski LW - Jaromir Jagr C - Craig Simpson(y'all bitches is dead) RW - Joe Newy X - Bob Errey Second Line G - Stefan Fiset(!) LD - Richard Smehlik RD - Chris Joseph (free agent) LW - Bob Errey C - Craig Mactavish RW - Phil Bourque X - Joe Newy
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