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  1. Shopping Dave "Charlie" Manson for a dope forward(preferably RH shot)
  2. As much as it would suck if I finished 7/8, this sounds like a good idea. It would make the reg. season competitive from beginning to end. The only down side is the possibility of having more teams out of contention early on and possibly less motivated to get their games in.
  3. I'm gonna pull a Sebe on yer ass and demand P2P!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. not according to the bracket there, skippy
  5. Have you checked your AIM logs for the past couple of weeks?
  6. What did I tell you, you little bastard
  7. You can't say I never warned you about the dangers of youporn.com
  8. You can negate a cough up pass by your goalie if you hold down the goalie control button when you're way out of the net. The dumb ref will blow the whistle and save your bacon.
  9. Sweet win Frey- You should teach the how to beat Carse clinic
  10. After playing with Dallas Drake more than half a season in GDL, I have to say he is the least clutch player in the game. He's missed countless open nets, and his post tally is higher than his number of goals scored. I can't think of a worse player to have the puck with a game on the line. Any thoughts? Honorable mention: Adam Oates Theo Fluery(!) oh....and Peter f**king Bondra
  11. Ice, you killjoy I wanted a good laugh before going to work
  12. I've always felt that my computerized teammates mimic my playing style during a particular game. For example, if I'm hooking the hell out of my opponent, my AI guys will be more likely to hook/hold. I noticed this during a Blitz exhi against Zalex recently where all I tried to do was knock his players into oblivion-It seemed like my whole team was out for blood-I think I hurt like 7 of his players Conversely, if I'm scrambling all over the place my guys will run around like the special Olympics Ice Hockey team.
  13. Dis be from years of Roller Hockey (With a PUCK, you dweebs ) Position - G, Bitches! Handedness - Catch left Weight - 200-Fat(getting old) Speed - 4 pretty quick on my feet Agility - 5 My quickness is Terreri-like Off.Awareness - 2 not very offensive minded while in net; I'd rather engage in public speaking than make an outlet pass Def.Awareness - 4 more likely to stay put and cover my angles, good anticipation Puck Control - 4 decent puck control, above average placement with rebounds and redirections Fighting - 0-almost got into a playoff scrum with opposing goalie when he clothes-lined one of my teammates-but he didn't seem to want to go/also challenged other team's top forward in game 7 title game Stick Right - 3 a weak spot for me, low blocker shots are tough Stick Left - 4 pretty solid here Glove Right - 4 nothing like the "clack" of a sweet blocker save Glove Left - 3 Sometimes spectacular, sometimes has a hole in it Overall: I'm not sure, but still good enough to stop FPB's punk ass one on one
  14. Lessee, I'm around tonight(Friday), prob Saturday morning/afternoon, same for Sunday and Monday-not around Tuesday ps-sorry Frey
  15. Voted no. Like someone said, this would set a precedent where future replacement coaches will use this as an example if you let him replay. Sorry Mr Ga Ga
  16. I think habs just created a new category That is f**king hilarious
  17. Donny, I would like that 3:26 of my life back now.
  18. Players who use a keyboard have an advantage when it comes to ramming the goalie into the net for a goal. (Maybe I should change the title of this thread to Jrod's urban legends)
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