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  1. Team: Montreal LW: Geoff Courtnall C: Mike Gartner RW: Stephen Lebeau LD: Jeff Brown RD: Curtis Leschyshyn G: John Blue Extra: Alexander Semak Duplicate number Tom Pederson #32
  2. Count me in. CDL 1 was a blast to be a part of. I would like to ask if I could switch franchises to the Montreal Canadiens. Not really feelin the Hamilton Bulldogs. After 7pm EST, any day of the week works best for me for draft time preference.
  3. lol WTF, I had absolutely nothing to do with this thread Frey you crazy a**hole.
  4. I won this in 7 . i was down 3-1 in the series, never forget it.
  5. wow ppl use to hate on me for using light guys..WOW! lol how things have changed..
  6. Team Name: Hamilton Bulldogs LD: Vladimir Konstantov #8 RD: J.J. Daigneault LW: Pat LaFontaine C: Pat Verbeek#7 RW: Joe Juneau X: Corey Millen 3rd D: Paul Stanton G: Bill Ranford
  7. I'd like to sign up for A, Hamilton if possible, if not Winnipeg. Also Szpakman would like to sign up. A division, buffalo please.
  8. I agree with this whole post. My sentiments exactly. I would come back and play in a draft league. I know a lot of other old vets would come back too. When is this league happening? Let's do this!
  9. where can i see that data Tickenest put together?
  10. I tried to login to AIM, im guessing it got shutdown? If so how does everyone communicate? Ive been away for so long im lost..LOL
  11. how about playing with offsides on... thats pretty difficult if you ask me lol