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  1. I tried to login to AIM, im guessing it got shutdown? If so how does everyone communicate? Ive been away for so long im lost..LOL
  2. how about playing with offsides on... thats pretty difficult if you ask me lol
  3. thanks to everyone involved. Im excited to get started.
  4. Truer words have never been spoken...or typed for that matter...
  5. why not just start a league where all the rom has players that have the same attributes. that would make everything equal.
  6. on second thought im going to pass, looks like a fun league but i dont think ill have time i want to focus on the gdl and getting my games in.
  7. Nashville Preds First Line LW - Joe Sakic 19 C - Steve Larmer 28 RW - Savard 18 LD - Jamie Macoun 34 RD - JJ Daigneault 48 G - Ron Hextall 27 X - Corey Millen 23 Second Line: LW - Savard 18 RW - Corey Millen 23 C - Corey Millen 23 LD - JJ 48 RD - JJ 48 G - hextall 27 X - joe Sakic 19
  8. larmer and macoun for garbage forward and decent dman. aim me offers
  9. hokkee bro you care way too much about what ppl on this gaming site think about you, who cares. its a fcuking game, save your emotions for actual life. just my 2 cents. relax and play. ggs