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  1. Hi, I'm new to this site. I can't believe someone made it. Anyways, back when this game was new, me and my roomates used to play this game so much that we started experimenting with the goalie. At first we would just try to use him if the game was one sided. Once we got real good at using him, we made a rule that when your opponent has the puck and crosses the red line, you have to change into the goalie. Since the A.I. defense wasn't that great, you would get a chance to pass the puck around and set up some good plays. If the puck gets turned over you are still fair game (your opponent, now on defense, can still control his skaters and check you) until you cross the red line. We had a blast. Sure the scores would be 15-12. But trying to get that elusive shutout was always exciting. In the two or so years playing this way, nobody ever got one. I suggest anybody who reads this to try and play this way. I will never play this game any other way.
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