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  1. I been lurking around i am glad to see everyone is still around and nhl94 is still going strong. i have been busy with work and family but would like to eventually get back into playing. hopefully someday soon! and i though most of you would get a kick from seeing this (i bought this and it hangs proudly in my basement) you guys can guess what that jersey is
  2. hi guys, my laptop crashed and pretty much wiped out whatever was left of the dynasty therefore i can officially says the dynasty is dead. it was a fun ride and it was a cool league but the community continues to evolve. i have another idea and i was wondering what everyone thought of holding a nhl 94 canadien championship in montreal as many of you know i work for the team990 montreal. you can hear my show on the team990.com podcast every monday night after monday night football. the show is called the ministry of sports. the team990 is willing to sponsor it and give out some prizes we can also do a little meet and greet and have some fun. dynasty is done thats official. also i would like to get back into to some 2 on2 anyone need a partner im a little out of practise but i think i can still be descent. let me know youre thoughts also can i play on a mac??
  3. fixing the rest of the rosters overseeing the begining of the season and helping the commisioner with the 10000 problems that will happen. also loading all the season 1data and losding the new season 2 data.
  4. ok guys here is my final verdict im willing to set up most of the league But with 2 changes 1-i wont run it 2- my team will be run by my buddy i cant commit to playing a full season at this time. the rosters are ready for season 2 it would take 4 replacement owners and a league commisioner who will set up the db make the schedule set the divisions and so on. ball is youre court guys if in a week there is no volunteers to run the league i will put an end to all the speculation and close the doors on any kind of dynasty 2
  5. also i think we would need an independent tresurer voted on by league member to handle the money
  6. i will take the week end and think about this ive received some intrest but i need to study the current landscape of intrest before i commit. not sure if the time for the league is now i will also talk to smoz. news to come. maybe this is a case of it being remembered as great and left like that. im not sure really what to do i left with a sour taste in my mouth a few years back and then went through a litany of personal issues. i would like to dedicate some time to starting a league and then having others run it onward. ill take the time this weekend to look at the commitement level and the evr changing landscape of nhl94. one question i have is would people be commited enough to pay 10 dollars to join the league. its one of the ideas i have that if everyone paid 10$ there would be full commital to the league. its just an idea the money would be collected via paypal and put in account for league use .e.g website, trophies mailing ect..... let me know what you guys think people told me the dynasty would never worke we had 100% played games and an almost flawless season butgoing forwardif i put in the time i want people to commit money maybe the only option and with the possibility of playing in multiple free leagues it might be that the dynasty's time is passed
  7. If i build it will they come?????
  8. what if someone made a league that featured the best players and called it the dynasty? what if it came back? would people want it back? is it time for it to come back? is it already forgotten? who wants it back? or is it dead forever? answer any
  9. Many things ar are the cause of this. A.J single handedly alienated guys who were great players and wanted just to make the community grow. the other issue is that no one has stood up to his shanagians and quit the gdl. instead everybody kept there vested intrests. Having been through personal hell in the last 6 months i can say that nhl94 is the least of my worries but it's sad that guys didnt have the balls to do what was right and decided to go along with what they BELIEVED to be there best intrests. There is no debating that AngryJay is good player maybe the best but his lack of diplomacy has cost the community severly. Personal feelings aside i will say this about angryjay he UNLIKE MANY OF YOU has put a little back into the community. As i know running a league is no easy task and takes time and dedication. Wether or not he has done a good job is very debatable but to be fair it not fair to put the blame on angryjay for the lack of dedication . the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of those who continue to take and dont give back. I like you hokkee i think you are a great guy funny and very clever but the fact is i have never seen you contribute anything other then play your game ( which some guys dont even do). The community is headed to a dismal end where it will be a footnote in videogame history all becasue no one supported the REAL HALL OF FAMERS EVAN, DADONCH , DIMTRY AND SMOZOMA. they are the true ambassadors and NOT one league would exist if was not for them. it's easy to complain and very hard to do something....maybe it's time we stoped complaing and got together and fixed this thing......stay on topic
  10. in all honesty it is on an extended hold........i dont have any idea when i will be able to run it again....
  11. I am faced with some tough decisions guys and i need some guidance. Only free agency remains with most teams having 2/3 of there respective rosters filed. there is also the matter of getting the new database up and making the schedule. that being said i am dealing with some personal issues that clearly will not be resolved anytime soon. Unfortunately for me real life has made it that i can not give the time nedded eo do what is left to do. i have decided that after the month of febuary ( the domaine and hosting is finished) i will not renew either. The simple fact i do not have the time to run the league and i need to begin to restructure my personal expenditures. the hosting and domaine are paid untill march 1 st 2009 . there is ample time to play another season and for someone to take over. like i said there is not much left to do free agency , database (smoz should help with that and make the schedule). i wish i could continue to support the community and provide the league with stability but i am faced with a difficult personal situation and i dont want to embark in something i will not be able to finish. My personal situation has made me rflect on many things and question many other things. It is a very difficult time for me and i cannot continue to run a online nhl94 league. I can help but i cannot run it. my question to you is do we shut this down here and hope my life gets back on track in a couple of months or does someone want to take the reigns? keep in miond it is the summer and we could wait things out and see how my situation goes. However i must admit the outlook is bleek and i have had to give up 5 months of training for the ironman so i doubt that internet hockey will come to the forefrunt if and when i eventually am able to get life to normal. the ball is in your court guys tell me what to do. its our league its your decision
  12. i have no issue with that. Xdeath is a fantastic guy and could easily run the league. However i cant make someone run a league or take the over for me. If Xdeath or anyone else wants too they just have to contact me.
  14. tuesday is not good for me however wednesday is fine
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