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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont think ill be able to sleep for the next week. On an excitment scale from 1 to 10 ...1 being as exciting as editing audio, and 10 being as exciting as adding fighting....How excited should we be wboy????
  2. I wanted to change the button control for changin the lines so u can change lines and still have posseion of the puck...... Any ideas where to start experimenting? Im looking at u wboy....
  3. Does anyone have any idea on how energy levels during the game is calculated?? I experimented with 5 minute perioed and every players' endurance level boosted to 99. As a result, evrytime the player speed bursted their energy levell would drop 4-5 points. During the next period i left the first line on the entire period without touching speed burst. AS a result the most tired player was the centermen with an 83, and least tired the right winger with 87 energy level.
  4. Accordingly, can you use the same feature for adding player pictures, or menu logos??
  5. #1 Make sure your starting lineup in the "lines section" of Nose has a player for each position.
  6. lol..yeh.... couldnt figure it out....not a huge problem cus it works at school, however, it be cool if it could be used in all one program.
  7. Any chance this might be added to the new NOSE???
  8. Hoping to stumple upon fighting, i checked the NHL 93.bin file offsets above the Peanlty texts. Before you read this i did not find anything on fighting. i changed offset 00015218 value of 002E.....to 0000- once the period is over the graphics mess up. i changed offset 00015214 value of C43E.....to 0000- as a result the rink doesnt load. i changed offset 00015210 value of C060.....to 0000- as a result the game menu doesnt load and freezes """ "" "" "" "" "" " " " " " " " " " " " " " "" ' ' " ".....to 0C6E- as a result the game skips periods. i changed offset 0001520C value of C05C.....to 0000- as a result the Penalty doesnt load i changed offset 00015208 value of CCEA.....to 0000- as a result the rink doesn't load i changed offset 00015204 value of C932.....to 0000- as a result the game buggers up on faceoffs. i changed offset 00015200 value of A4FC.....to 0000- as a result the rink doesn't load. i changed offset 000151FC value of A4EC.....to 0000- "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Looking for penalty data, i looked at one of the offsets 000C05C Relatice to this offset is the following data. 08C2 0005 6000 DD28 6000 0C48 08AB 0001 0062 Changing 6000 to 0000 results in the CPU player not taking any shots throughout the game " " DD28 to 0000 " " the CPU players shot freezing the game. " " 0001 to 0000 " " the period endind at the right time however the game returning to the last faceoff " " 6700 to 0000 " " teams pulling there goalie on their PP after a penalty has been called.
  9. This is definately a huge thing cus i think the sound effects are awful.. the crowd sounds like one that is in a small pewwee rink. Is it possible to have a hot key that triggers music say after a goal, on your command?
  10. Agility is a big part of the checking ability...check the agility of all of the players named and check the checking of that person...it is either one or the other that is up.
  11. Thanks for the help...delting the settings did not work...i downloaded java 1.5 version 6 for windows i will look into some more.
  12. Upon launching tile molester it says "No language files Found, Check installation settings" and "tm.spec.xml cannot be found" when i repeatadaly made sure it was downloaded. Any suggestions.
  13. i just got a new cpu... i downloaded Java and the tile molestar...but i am having promblems this time around. Any suggestions.
  14. I checked it out.. I changed the Value..CA2A (offset 00018DB2) to CD00 As a result the player didnt get into the box after a penalty. I changed the Value..D51C (offset 00018DB6) to Cd00 as a result the goaile skates up the ice with the rush. I changed the Value..DD2E (offset 00018DBA) to CD00 As a result CPU goalie was way off on his angles. I changed the Value..DF18(offset 00018DBE) to CD00 As a result the CPU player with the puck didnt skate up ice. I changed the Value..E6F4 (offset 00018DC2) to CD00 As a result the CPU player with puck spins around. I changed the Value..EC82(offset 00018DC6) to CD00 As a result the CPU player with puck spins around. and if u stand still with the puch the cpu stands still as well. Thast all i Found as of now.
  15. pretty cool it sounds wboy. The force is strong with you. One question I have...How to open the tile molester jar.file..?
  16. Add 2 bytes at the beginning of the hex file.....Close the file....then open it in TLP. After that scroll down to the offset where yhe "in game banners are"...You willl see it is alot clearer to edit. Save it. Then, when ur done all this open the file in hex workshop.. and then make sure u delete those two bytes u added at the beginning of the file. So the file works
  17. They are just under the menu team logos, and theyre kinda hard to make out, i froget the offset.
  18. I fooled around with the graphics. Turns out if you add / remove bytes at the beginning of the bin file, it changes how the graphics are viewed in TLP. Adding 2 bytes allows u to edit the in game banners with ease.
  19. Yeh it's pretty limited, and almost useless. I like how SNES sets up the jerseys though.
  20. I found a site with the NHL 94 editor. http://www.knobbe.org/mx/index.php?page=3&...tegory&cat_id=9
  21. You have to be careful in some cases. For instance in 94 right handed players are even numbers and in 95 right handers are odd numbered. (Or the other way around i forget) Also in 96 the aggressiveness rating applies to fighting as well, not sure how though.
  22. Are smc files convertible to bin files?
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