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    skating up on the net on one side, passing to the other side and scoring before the goalie makes it across to the other side.
  1. Im not aware of how big a file steam is. i know xfire is tiny, under 10mb.
  2. its crazy that no one has heard of this. it is separate then aim but assuming everyone used it, it would work great. it doesnt incorporate emulators on the games it supports but it the way netplay works ,it wouldnt really matter. it just says if your online or not. heres a screen shot of how it works with the clan i'm in the call of duty 2. you can see how it says who is on and who is not. and when your added to the group, you can see everyone else that is in it. therefore you dont need go and add everyone.
  3. Alright for anyone that doesnt know what Xfire is, you should look it up. Its an IM device made for gaming. thats its purpose. They have really neat things with it, some helping games like call of duty 2 and unreal tournmant but also, you can make a clan/group with it. with this, assuming everyone has made a screen name with it, you can see everyone that has been added to this group. you dont have to add everyone, you only have to apply to join the group. From that point on you can see everyone that is online, wtihout having to add all of their screen names to aim. its basicly shows everyone i
  4. i was also just placed as head coach of buffalo. im avalible most of the time after 4 pm EST time. what do i need to log games?
  5. When i try to connect, the person joins, i hit start game, and it goes to a black screen. nothing happens. it wont load the game. my friend said his was loading. i have enabled it on my firewall, so i have no clue what the problem is.
  6. i signed up for the gens one. and honestly i have no clue on the other parts. i thought i went here to find that out. i think i missed something. i belive im on the waiting list actually but yeah, what do i do?
  7. im new to the league. i've played this game most of my life so im not new to the game. i just need to know what to do to get set up. a test game or something?