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  1. Sorry guys been on night work the past few days will be avail to play games tommorow (sunday) at around 10pm est aim-pjs61176
  2. From the looks of it it look like a stand alone , it also has a bunch of games it supports but i couldnt find if it works for emulators not a bad idea tho
  3. Yeah i was wondering that too though i think im ok i only need 6 more games to checkpoint
  4. Hey Im new her and have been given Chicago in the GENS C league im availale to play games Weeknights after 9pm and on most weekends AIM screenname PJS61176 email-
  5. Hey i seen my name on the GENS C league that i've taken over Chicago i will be available tonight at around 10 pm to play games
  6. hi new player awaiting test game AIM pjs61176 thanks
  7. New player awaiting test game