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  1. strong possibility I will attend. I am located 15 min south of Hartford ✔ sd
  2. Awesome tournament guys !! I watched some of it online.If the next one is east coast or Toronto I will most likely attend. Sdogg
  3. I'm in, just grabbed a Sega for training. Need to find or order a copy of 94. I liked 95 very much but much different than 94. Found a local shop in CT with several Sega's and games(no 94)
  4. Awesome, I should be able to attend. Any plans on coming back to CT this year? I may be able to recruit a few of my old 94/95 buddies to participate. SDOGG.... PS I will practice my NHL and drinking skills prior to this event
  5. Drop pass and fake shots were a nice addition, also the "weight" bug was corrected significantly changing player impact. if I remember correctly, I bought 95 on release day after playing 94 , nhlpa93 and was initially disappointed. After a day or so playing and getting use to the faster more dynamic game play I never looked back. It was not until around 2008 when I discovered the nhl94 site that I played 94 once again. Me and my buddies also used the player trade/custom features for 2 vs 2 .
  6. Little more detail next time kingraph😁😁😁 now I really regret not making the journey to time for sure!
  7. I did manage to take a cool video at the CT tournament featuring the "Alaskan grooupie". I'll upload and share soon..
  8. Man..all I remember is getting the super beer induced spins..and poorly decided to drive home...had a great time up until that point, barely remember playing and losing to Evan.
  9. Hey you all still use AIM to chat and organize online matches? Haven't played online in several years, however this live tournament activity has sparked my interest...not even sure I know my AIM username let alone password.
  10. Those USA pants VC wore are classic......they look like Loudmouth pants that John Daly wears.
  11. Cool, I need to attend the next one....made it to the mini CT tourney, and it was very cool from what I can recall
  12. Had a great time,thanks to all that organized and traveled long distances..I had way too many brews and don't remember much after 6 pm..
  13. This Joint is very close to me.......5 miles I should be there much closer than Toronto. Have not played in a few years, time to practice a bit.
  14. Or some live event like segathon does in or around NY or Boston even Toronto
  15. Sdogg out of retirement. USA J...E...T...S jets jets jets
  16. Are we playing next? I will make an effort to be on more.
  17. First I would like to say shaftman you suck. You should change your name to fagman. You accept my team and then quit on the season. I played over 20 games with that f ing team not to have some scab aquire it and then quit. I also distinctly recall you whining like a half a mo every time you got your ass kicked in previous seasons. P.S. Eat s**t
  18. sdogg420420 Classic NO PENs or offsides
  19. You should reconsider man. I will get caught up played 2 last night.
  20. There is no need to analyze this situation in any depth. This is an clear bullshit situation. Case closed, the only debate is the severity of the punishment. The integrity of each coach is vital to the success of this league.
  21. Same here Kronic pain in the ass. suspend this clown
  22. Pitt please confirm our game DET 3- Pitt 2 OT