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  1. Not sure this is the best forum for this, but I'm throwing it out there. Does anyone know of an editor for Nintendo 64 games? I'm looking to at least update the rosters on NHL 99 for N64. I used to use Blomman's Editor and NHLView for the newer EA PC games a couple years ago, but I don't think they did N64 game edits. Any ideas?
  2. I administrate an Invision board myself. Upgraded from 2.3.1 on Saturday. It never ceases to amaze me how much they break in the name of fixing things. I'm sure you already found it, but there is already a patch for the "new posts" indicators not working properly issue.
  3. Hey, another Pens fan! I hope this doesn't come across as harsh, because I don't mean it to be... More like just a strong disagreement. To say that Scuderi is better than Orpik is laughable. Frankly, I am shocked Scuderi was even resigned. He is servicable at best. If/when Letang ever gets his head on straight during this season it will be Scuderi who rides the pine barring injury or age catching up to Sydor or something. About the only thing Scuds has going for him is his skating has improved since he broke in and he blocks shots fairly well on the PK. (Which is where he gets the extra ice t
  4. Believe me, I've been checking your site daily. That "v.08 coming soon" notice is just taunting me. lol
  5. By the way... One more thing. Does anyone here know where I may find any updated version of NHL '98 for gens? Even if I could get an '05 or '06 update I'd be happy. Basically, I haven't found anything other than the original rom and I would like to at least have fairly updated sweaters/logos etc. Updating some rosters myself isn't unacceptable. (NOSE seems pretty straight forward.)
  6. I got it. I was just leg pulling right back hence the smile. We need a "sarcasm" smilie. (Use "roll eyes" and someone is bound to think you're rolling your eyes at them. lol) Anywho... Looking forward to the rom.
  7. I would give Yahoo a, "Close, but no cigar", on that one. Staal hasn't played more than a dozen shifts at center since he hit the ice in his NHL debut. He spent the majority of last year on the wing with Malkin. It looks to be more of the same this year only on the top line with Crosby. It is clear that the Pens expect Staal to develop as a left winger with their current depth at center and even adding to it this year with Esposito. Further, I don't think Christensen has ever played on the left wing for the Pens. He played for a brief time on the right wing last year, but he is primarily 3rd l
  8. The Penguins for sure. I even have their current season opener lines... LINE 1: Left - 11 Jordan Staal Center - 87 Sidney Crosby "C" Right - 17 Petr Sykora LINE 2: Left - 12 Ryan Malone Center - 71 Evgeni Malkin Right - 8 Mark Recchi "A" LINE 3: Left - 10 Gary Roberts "A" Center - 16 Erik Christensen Right - 20 Colby Armstrong CHECKING LINE: Left - 37 Jarkko Ruutu Center - 25 Maxime Talbot Right - 27 Georges Laraque DEFENSE 1: Left - 44 Brooks Orpik Right - 19 Ryan Whitney DEFENSE 2: Left - 03 Mark Eaton Right - 55 Sergei Gonchar "A" DEFENSE 3: Left - 04 Rob Scuderi Ri
  9. Please forgive my n00b-ish-ness, but I've looked everywhere I know to look and have yet to come across a "current" version of NHL'98 for Gens. Does such a thing even exist? If so, can I get a link? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the heads-up/welcome. While I'm here, is there an updated '93 newer than the '06 one listed on the '93 site download page? I've looked around, but couldn't find one. Thanks.
  11. Hello NHL'94 Forum... Man, I am a 30-Something who literally grew up playing the EA NHL line of games. Recently, I made the switch from Windows to Linux and re-found the world of emulator game play. No longer being able to run and hack the latest NHL '07 PC game (yeah, I know I might be able to in Wine, but not as smoothly as actually having a Windows box) I decided to D/L some old SNES and Gens NHL games. Goodness, was NHLPA'93 my favorite game back in the day. Anyway, I used to make bunches of goalie equipment "hacks" for the later NHL PC games on sites such as NHL Depot etc. It's been a f