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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm wondering at this point though: what makes '94 preferable to '95, '96, '97 or even '98? It seems to me that each year EA just added roster updates and more features like seasons and stuff. Did the gameplay suffer? I remember playing these games when I was younger and being able to score a cheap guaranteed goal by deking left and right in front of the goalie.
  2. I'm new here so sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question, but why is '94 so revered when an entire season can't be played? I tried the game out on my laptop today (the roster updated version off this forum), and noticed a couple of odd things: 1) '94 is WAY better looking than the later versions of the game. It's a hundred times smoother and more clean looking than 95-97. Is this just because I'm playing an edited rom? 2) Why oh why can't an entire season be played? There seems to be no fighting in this version either. 3) Is there a game or edited rom that looks and plays like '94, but has the full range of features like '96 or '98? I'm really hoping so; the old Genesis NHLs had much better gameplay than the ones out today--I can definitely see why it's being played online. Thanks for reading!
  3. Could somebody please repost this link? I'm dying to try these jerseys, they look amazing! Thank you!
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