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  1. G CHevdale LD Bourque RD Wesley LW Adam Oates C Vladimir Ruzicka RW Adam Graves X Brian Bellow G Riendeau LD Roberts RD Weinrich LW Brian Bellow C Dino Ciccarelli RW Adam Creighton x Vladimir Ruzicka
  2. Has anyone had any success running zsnes and nhl94 rom on windows 10? i've tried 2 different pc's (one of which is brand new)- and get the same result - which is the rom is super laggy even without being connected to hamachi....HELP!!!!!
  3. played my series with Kpuck (montreal) but the site isn't accepting my password. i have the save states
  4. i agreed ahead of time to let him score 4000 on me. only fitting. good job c4
  5. whatevs - it's houly. doesn't make much difference to me for this league. would be a lot less threads if it weren't for him. might as well change his screen name to drama...
  6. happy birthday bud, budwiser, budatron, budimus prime, budkowski, bud man, budzky...
  7. if there was ever any doubt, i'd say you married the right person for sure!
  8. posting here for Omega Red. lemme know when we can schedule our 1st round games.
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