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  1. There used to be this really cool rom from that site, a couple of years ago. It had some great alternate logo's (like Washington's other logo besides the bird, and NY Rangers alternate liberty logo). Also it had some great colors for the star around the players. When SWOS's version came out, it was pretty much all but forgotten BUT I really liked that one too (it was different), and it seemed to disappear. Does the guy who runs that site stop by here? If so, I'd like to get my hands on that rom. He doesnt have it in his downloads section anymore. I think they also made a Sega CD version out of that rom. If the guy who has that rom sees this please respond. Thanks.
  2. NHL 95 was and always will be regarded as a piece of s**t by most fans of the EA series. Obviously, there are a few exceptions on this thread (this is afterall a 95 forum so its to be expected). NHL 92-94 is not too slow, but rather 95-98 is TOO DAMN FAST. The controls are like trying to hang on to a greased rat. And the graphics? Cmon you gotta admit they are just God awful compared to 92-94. Sound is also horrible. I challenge you to play 94 for 2 weeks, without playing 95. Then you will indeed see 95 is too fast, not that 94 is too slow. Once you get adjusted to 94's speed, you'll find it to be much more rewarding than 95-98.
  3. King of class? You're making me BLUSH! Seriously, I call 'em as I see 'em, 365 days of the year. And I'm doing all of you a favor by giving an HONEST review of NOSE. If we all keep brown nosing, and saying how "wonderful" this is, when it's not, the dude won't do anything to improve it because he'll start to believe his own hype. It's ALREADY happening, notice how rude he is to people? His ego is already inflated. If more people followed my lead he'd spend less time on here feeling like a King, and more time working on his editor. It needs it. For starters it should have some type of graphics editor. RIght now I give NOSE 2 out of 10 stars. Improvements must be made to consider this a real editor.
  4. LOL @ NOSE...2 years of waiting and you cant even edit graphics? What a waste of a wait. May as well rename it "ARMPIT". And whats the point of "making the game even faster"??? At that point, it'd be so fast, you may as well plant your frame skip to 0 or 1. I thought the idea was to just speed the game up a little bit, but not at a ridiculous pace. As I said the best way to do that is to just adjust the ratings. Your comments make no sense, I guess I win...again. Will you admit I was right...again? So Sorry!
  5. I suppose it's "faster" to do it your way, but somewhat of an annoyance to have to keep repeating the same process over and over again. If you really want a faster game just edit the ratings. It'll take longer, but you only have to do it one time. And poo poo on you, when I release my hacked games they will only be available to a select few. Your name was just crossed off the list. So Sorry!
  6. Umm, if you want a faster game just increase the overall speed ratings for all the players. No need to go through all that nonsense.
  7. For me, the deadliest player in NHL 94 would have to be Mike Gartner. He is faster than a mother and his shots are fast and accurate. Agility is also unmatched.
  8. I disagree, NHLPA 93 is the best and I wouldnt want 94 goalies in there. I love the way the puck bounces off the 93 goalies, as opposed to just "sticking" to them like in 94. If anything, I'd like to add ice logo's, and one timers to 93. 94 can keep the organ music too, because it got annoying after a while. I loved the basic simple organ music in 93, which didnt play every 5 seconds like in 94. 93 of course, as you said though, had the best music not only for the nhl series, but mabye in Genesis history.
  9. Ive been trying to play NHL 95 for years and can never get it to work. It failed on windows XP, Then I tried it on another Windows XP and it worked, but after the opening commentary the game fucked up and froze. Ive tried different copies too but I guess I have bad luck. It looks like an awesome game. I like the different shades of white for the cie color, but mostly I love the fact that it has regular season mode. NHLPA 93 is my favorite game in th EA series so Goalie control isnt a big issue for me obviously. I think its overated. Like you say, its more of a chess match without it, and it takes too long to gain control anyway and is a pain in the ass. Is there any way to download NHL 95 from your website? I run on an old piece of s**t windows 98. Thanks! The editor looks fun to play with too for team uniforms.
  10. Thanks Evan! Say, how do you eliminate the background on the pictures of the skaters? How do you make the background clear? You know, so its just the picture of the skater with no background?
  11. Evan cant wait to hear how it works! I would feel much better about buying the tototek burner if I knew for sure it worked. I wouldve bought one already but they dont seem to speak english very well there, and Id be nervous if I had to ask a question and they wouldnt be able to understand. Cant wait for you to test the thing. I miss hockey.
  12. I agree that keeping the game recognizable is key. Thats why, the suggestions I brought up, the only "changes" to NHL 94 would be positive "combination" aspects from the previous additions. Only graphics change Id make would be logos to the team uniforms.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  14. My best moment came against my cousin. He was Chicago and I was Hartford, and we played the game in Chicago. He mustve outshot me by 20 to 30 shots but somehow late in the game, trailing 2-1 with under a minute to play, verbeek scored from an impossible angle along the boards with my netminder pulled. He ws furious, but it got worse. After playing with no victor through the 1st OT, and pummelling me with shots on net, in the 2nd OT JR had a breakaway. He faked left, then right, then quickly released a fade away shot left again. The puck actually went behind the netminder, but somehow my hartford goalie was able to pull one out of his ass, dove backwards, and got the stick on it through a miracle save. My cousin actually raised his hands in the air for a second, but then after realizing it wasnt in, I quickly had a rare 2 on 1 the other way. verbeek passed one over, and then back to verbeek, who SLAMMED himself and the puck into the net in a true Kamikaze goal through belfour if ever there was one. 3-2 FINAL leaving the Chicago fans, and my cousin, STUNNED. Ive never seen his face so red in all my life LOLOLOL!!!! His friends were there, and it was quite a sight seeing them laughing at the NHL 94 God who was humbled like a dog!!!!!!
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