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  1. Online...not sure. Perhaps because I live in Amsterdam(n) it's way to slow to play proper online. Playing here....on my sega or my pc....there;s just no way someone can beat me
  2. The Langoliers from Steven King Almost at the end of the movie...you see the cardridge of NHL 94 laying on a table.
  3. hahahaha...now that would be cool An old fashion text adventure of NHL 94!!! Just like the good old Commodore 64 period Shoot Shoot what? Shoot puck You don't have a puck
  4. Beer tip: You American guys have no sense of beer either you drink a Bud or you guys show off with a Heineken (catpiss) Try and get your hands on Duvel or Westmalle Triple!!!! Drink 3 of either one of them...and you be able to score a hattrick with every teammember in your squad.
  5. Great music and video. Loved it
  6. Evan was nice enough to explain it to me aswell. Too bad I never got a change to challenge anyone yet because I am a new father of a twin (I just had to write this) Also...the slow ping kinda worries me!
  7. Hahahahaha...super cool. Well done. I always hope that I would break the glass and hurt that kid
  8. I am a fan of Cam Russell from the Blackhawks. Same goes for Nedved...too bad he is a bit slow (Van)
  9. I played this game too....only the Dutch version. (I am from Holland) Great game. Will you follow the World Cup ? And who do you think will win?
  10. Are you Dutch btw Tickenest ?
  11. Simple....that would be Chigaco because I used to own this cool machine: http://www.pinballrebel.com/game/pins/powe.../powerplay1.jpg
  12. Brrrrr...that must be a lot. On my cardridge I had over a 1000 matches. On emu prob. the same.
  13. Always penalty off. Which reminds me...I gotta try it at least once!!
  14. I HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My greatest moment with NHL 95, was the sound when the cardridge broke against the wall.
  15. Goulet from Chicago. Slow, weak, never in the right position, lousy pass, horrible defence. Thanks to NOSE I could delete him forever!!!!!!
  16. Sorry I used that videolink to explain to people on some other forum why I am the best on NHL 94. I play just like you guys so I used it...sorry. I guess I was kinda proud about this video of you !
  17. Welcome here!!! I hope you enjoy this friendly forum of NHL 94 fans
  18. Yeah...it is true that when you time your onetimer wrong...your player looks like a fool. But when the puck DOES reach the player...it gives out an INSANE hard shot. s**t guys..this game just keeps cool and I never get bored playing it.
  19. Frosty...I am very busy at the moment...so I need more time to: A: find that 4wayplay thing (just moved) B: got a new job that is asking all of my attention. I promise I get back to you in the weekend.
  20. Got it on MAME...pretty cool. Thanks for the tip
  21. Didn't know that So a six button pad doesn't work at all...or you can only use 3 buttons? If only 3 buttons work...than it won't be a problem for playing NHL 94. I don't even know any other games on the Sega with that 4wayplay thing. Yeah...that Monster icehockey game and some funny but weird war game.
  22. Just sold it all (My Sega). Got a good price for it though (100 Euro's is almost as much as 100 dollar) It seems he bought it mainly for Sonic (bah!!!) and Flashback and Another World. Now I have to fall back on Emu for sure.
  23. That device from Clockwise looks different. Mine is from EA http://automobile.encan.biz/upload/1/10310...4WAY%20PLAY.jpg
  24. I have one you can have. Where are you from?
  25. Are there any Hockey games out there on MAME that are worth playing? I never seen any icehockey games in the Arcades
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