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  1. Interesting. I've seen a bunch for the SNES but none for GENS. I'm surprised since I always figured GENS was the "preferred" platform....
  2. Does anyone have the update for the 2011 season for the 94 GENS game? I've searched the forums but don't see one...?
  3. I'm not a part of this league but I have been on both sides of this issue. There is no "whos right and whos wrong" because it's basically one word against another. Basically in my humble opinion, the only solution to this type of problem is for leagues to implement a rule that allows a brief time period to back out of a game due to lag or syncing issues. Once a coach has passed that time frame, they are obligated to continue playing or bow out with a FF. I know that might suck for those of you who are statistic-minded, but that may be the only solution. Also, I agree with Ice about ma
  4. I had a similar problem with my GENS a while ago. I even tried to completely remove all information from the registry after I deleted it but that didn't work. I ended up restoring my PC back a week and it worked again. Seems like an extreme measure for a game BUT this is no ordinary game... **By the way, don't mess with the registry unless you know what your doing. As a PC tech, I need to inform you of that so you don't f-up your PC.
  5. I have the same; works great for me. I prefer to use the D-pad as opposed to the analog sticks.
  6. By that, I mean the nhl2008.bin file....
  7. I have an idea...how about just ignoring the kid? He odviously is all talk because he keeps posting on here calling people out but has no results to show from it. SUNGOD: How about you get some games against some vets and post the scores on your own forum post so we can see how full of BLEEP you may or may not be. You split a series with a rook (NOTHING AGAINST The Rocket) but if you can't handle a newbie, how are you going to challenge an established vet??? Better yet, I'm organizing an invitational tournament that I posted in my Gens Old School League. Why not sign up for that since
  8. I'm not involved in any of these leagues but if your going to try and dis on someone, at least try to write coherent sentences so you don't sound like an idiot. Seriously "sungod", this is our only means of communication and you sound like you just learned to talk.
  9. Congradulations! BUT you forgot to thank the "weight hack" in your speech!
  10. I've talked to him several times on AIM and he sounds extremely frustrated. I think a long cooling off period is what he needs. Maybe some games against the CPU to get his confidence back up and he'll catch the fever again.
  11. Any updates as to when this league is supposed to start?
  12. How about an online game that never desyncs? Oh...and that AWESOME profile pic.
  13. Please add these types of comments in the proper forum. This is an on-line league forum that is for league-related topics.
  14. I was once an avid player of the game back in the day and I just started playing again about a month ago. So I guess it goes without saying I have my fair share of losses to the CPU. However, if I'm using an elite team (Chicago, ect), then it doesn't happen that often. I usually use a lower-tier team like the Islanders and have a tough time winning consistantly, but it helps me improve my skills. I hope one day I do become good enough that losing to the cpu is a rarity. At the same time, I don't ever want to get to the point where I'd want to "kill myself" for letting the cpu beat me.
  15. AL-RIGHT! I was pulling for ya pill!
  16. Thanks man! Much appriciated...
  17. I just realized that it would be the 2008 ROM. Is there any way I can get changed to the NY Islanders??? Sorry....
  18. New League! I just signed up on your page; can't wait!
  19. 28...turning 29 next week. Are we getting to old for this?
  20. Enough with the uppercase! Post these kinds of comments in the proper category (http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=100) and stop spamming the forum!
  21. Alright, I don't play the SNES version but here is the tutorial for you to get set up: http://nhl94online.com/html/snes-zbattle-howto.php For AIM: http://dashboard.aim.com/aim Hope this helps and welcome to the "family"!
  22. SEBE82 AIMed me for a friendly exibition game. I told him how to download the updated kailleria client so we could do P2P after a glitch with the Chicago server connection. We begin play as Montreal at Toronto. I notice that he's not playing as well as he usually does. Whenever he gets the puck he flips it down ice. Suddenly he IMs me and asks if everything is OK with my controller. He also asks why I keep flipping the puck. That's odd.....HE'S the one who keeps flipping the puck. Oh well, maybe he's been drinking or something or just f'ing with me. So we play on and I'm dominatin