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  1. I'm a die hard Leafs fan.

    so that means the only way to see a Leafs game for me is to travel 4 hours to Buffalo, or 3 hours to Ottawa, because i'd never beable to see a home game.

    but unfortunately i haven't been to an NHL game in my life.

    Tons of OHL games tho, because I live in Peterborough...home of the Petes. Go me.

    One of the most memorable games i seen was last december against the Ottawa 67s, it was Steve Downie's last game as a Pete, right before he went to the World Tourniment, and it was also teddy bear night, where everyone brought in a teddy bear, and when the Petes scored the first goal, they throw them onto the ice.

    1:30 into the first period, they score, and it took 10 minutes to clear the Ice off.

    Good times.

    altho i'm still waiting for the day I get to go see an NHL game. I'd love to see Toronto against any original 6, preferably Montreal or Boston, or the leafs against Ottawa or Buffalo.

    -crosses my fingers-

  2. I Was always a leafs fan for as long as I could remember, but Eric Lindros was my favourite hockey player ever during the 90s...I loved seeing him level guys left right and center...and have the ability to be one of the elite players in the NHL.

    that's why i was so excited to see him go to Toronto...but only to watch him get injured yet again, after showing the start of a promising season.

    People give him a bad wrap for his attitude off the ice..like when he spit at a womon during his junior years...Or refusing to play in Quebec, but for a kid growing up in the 90s, i saw him as someone who fought for where he wanted to play.

    that and he made Colorado the team that it was.

  3. hah. nhl 94 is by far my favourite Hockey game ever.

    although it's not the first game i ever played. (Ice Hockey and Blades of Steel), it was the first hockey game I ever owned. i got it the christmas of 1993, when i got my first Snes <_<

    I just loved how much less frusterating it is compared to Blades of Steel...and then later games like nhl 95-98 for the Snes.

    I still play 96 today, only because of the full season mode...but i end up yelling at the tv after the 50th pass got intercepted by the other team. Then i switch over to 94 and I ask myself "What happened?"

    EA had such a perfect game going, and they ruined the 16-bit era hockey with NHL's 95-98 by speeding things up, the most annoying crowd sounds ever. I mean their boo's sound more like a kid moaning at their parents. And when they go "Awww", it sounds like a kid throwing a fit, and the most unconvincing pass, shots, and body check sounds.

    But with NHL 94, it all seemed more real. Passes sounded like passes. Shots sounded like they would actually take your head off. And the crowd sounded Real. Even the jerseys looked amazing for the time. unlike later games where each team looked the exact same except different colours.

    thankfully once EA moved onto the 32 bit games and up, they went back to their roots and tried to make the games look more realistic.

    but anywho, i'm done my little post. long live NHL 94. :lol:

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