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  1. Team Name: Columbus Blue Jackets NLC: LW Pavel Bure C Brett Hull RW Gary Roberts #50. Original #10 reserved for Pavel Bure. LD Doug Wilson RD Kevin Lowe X: Glenn Anderson G: Don Beaupre Sc2: LW Pavel Bure C Brett Hull RW Gary Roberts LD Greg Hawgood #38 from Boston Bruins 1989-1990. Original #20 reserved for Tie Domi RD Greg Hawgood X: Glenn Anderson G: Daniel Berthiaume CHK line LD & RD Vachslav Fetisov (if required, otherwise leave empty)
  2. Blue Jackets select Greg Hawgood
  3. okay.. maybehhave to forget the load state test then. Tested something else today notes from couple test matches: D-men a.i. movement. 6 awas vs 0awas insta replay test - observations 6 awa team puck possession: When puck poss. has started from own defensive zone, and a teammate carries the puck towards the attacking zone, the d-men or d-man(if the puck carrier is the other d-man) will sit next to their own goal until the puck carrier crosses opponents blue line (or more precisely some 1m before blue line), whereafter the d-men will start to rush towards the attacking zone. However if th
  4. Has these awareness values beeen put to any tests? It's all how A.I. moves on the ice isn't it. Would it be possible to generate a save state from a game situation where e.g. an A.I. controlled D-man is deciding to turn back and rush towards his own goal. Have a bin with these D-men having off and def awa set to 0 and run couple short simulations with the load state, then edit the bin to turn awareness values to 6 and load again, is there difference? I did this kind of test: base bin: GDL_SeasonXFINALV2 (all teams have equal team attributes). Didn't apply smozoma hot/cold patch. copied ov
  5. With the 1.3 pick, after a (possible) relocation from Colorado, the Columbus Blue Jackets select Pavel "the Russian Rocket" Bure.
  6. Hey. here's a rom list used in finnish leagues. Feel free to add them to your list. Unfortunately, the nhl94.com forum does not allow to attach these compressed .7z files, so I'll add dropbox links to the files. You can download them from the link below: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30478113/f/fin94roms.7z 01/24/2014 12:03 AM <DIR> . 01/24/2014 12:03 AM <DIR> .. 05/01/2005 06:13 PM 1,048,576 2vs2.bin - This actually seems to be 3v3 bin. The line changes must be set on, otherwise 5v5. NHL rosters 04-05 season. 05/23/2005 10:48 AM
  7. I'll join if there will be space and I meet the criteria
  8. Has there been any KHL roms during the years ? Is anyone working on a KHL 2013-2014 rom ? EA Sports is not including the KHL in the latest nhl games they produce, it would be nice to get a look on this league through a game, and what better than through nhl94. I could add the player names and attributes based on simple G,A, PIM stats, if someone were to do the graphics. Of course it is preferred if someone actually knows more about the players and could do a credible work on player attributes...
  9. let's go swos!!!!!!11111111111 the our finnish ambassador
  10. Nice to learn some history and background from the NHL94 programmer, good interview. Internet archive records this page from May 29, 2007 it seems..pretty new We were having a discussion on our finnish nhl94 irc-channel (once again) about who should we thank on this great game, and how much further we can still go. Jim Simmons and Mark Lesser are probably those the most interesting guys as they have actually programmed these games. In addition the people behind NHL Hockey (1991) can't be forgotten. I guess it's pretty hard to estimate how much of their effort it is to thank. Richard Hillema
  11. swos's hat-trick against me: 1st goal: I tried to change the control over to a D player, but my offensive player makes that poke/tripping thing even when he's not near the puck - Control switches to the other player when it is too late. So when it did that poke instead of player change, I should have switched to a goalie at that point. 2nd goal: Here when i lost the face-off, i tried to poke with already controlled player but it switched to a winger who was further from the puck. After that I just kept pressing b when i saw there was number of my players near the puck, but as you can see, i
  12. AHL summer league 2005. I (onlainari) scored a hat trick with a Hamilton in 8-7 (15 seconds) http://www.nhlgamer.com/?p=match&id=7447 nhlgamer doesnt provide so precise stats, but here's the game it refers to.