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  1. don't think that we'd be stretching it out anywhere near the deadline, at the Dec. 29th. WE WON'T! I'm sure the conference final games could probably easily be done by then. Just let me and Ice get our series done at a time that's best for us. Playing a bit of 2on2, you can play with possible distractions. But a 2nd round GDL playoff series? no.
  2. Don't worry so much.... We planned it ahead a time, to most likely to play the series by Tuesday night (meaning by tonight). We both can probably stay up late, if need be, since we both are gonna have time off from work starting from today (though yesterday was my last day). So it's more of an even playing field from here. I think we both want to get the whole series done in one sitting, but comfortably, with less chance of distractions, for the both of us. Is that too much to ask?
  3. Genesis B QUARTERFINALS (best-of-seven) (13) Los Angeles Kings (ensuingfracas) @ (12) Toronto Maple Leafs (minddefect) LA 2 @ TOR 0 LA 8 @ TOR 5 TOR 4 @ LA 3 TOR 3 @ LA 5 TOR 4 @ LA 5 LA wins series 4-1 Good series fracas. Sandstrom definitely prevailed, of the battle at center against Gilmour. And made Potvin look silly.
  4. Well in my case, genuine aspect or not, it just doesn't feel right if it doesn't end up filling up a 27'' widescreen. I want it to looking like this in gdl, and like this in classic. So yah, everthing is stretched out wider than it normally should be on my screen......including my own Ed Belfour at goal! Muahahahaha! *edited images as to save smoz from having a heart attack from my careless, excess data pollution, involving the good people at imageshack. I am deeply sorry, and I solemnly swear to never make the mistake of uploading images in BMP format ever again
  5. Go inside the Video Codec folder, and right click on the file "KegaGameVideo.inf" and click install. . Go here if you still have issues.
  6. Here are two options I've mentioned before that still might be needed for 3.6 for more optimal online play: Make sure "Use Alternate Timing" is checked ----------- Also..... Type in something in the SRM Files box, where no SRM (Sram) could ever be found..... (the Disable Sram option still doesn't work) -------------------------------- *EDIT*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And finally one other important issue I might add when it comes to switching to fullscreen. It seems thegr8199 has been right all along afterall, for the most part. It seems some of these desynchs are caused by certain players who's monitors seem to take too long of a time switching to fullscreen (SEBE! ), resulting in a desynch. This has been one of the reasons why desyncs seem to happen right from the beginning of the game for certain specific users. For some reason when you do the switch to fullscreen while in the menu screens of NHL94, rather than mid-game, it increases the chances of desync for some strange reason as well. Sebe's fix seems to be waiting to switch to fullscreen till the game loads at faceoff, but a much better and much more practical solution is switching your fullscreen resolution to something your monitor will switch to quickly. Setting your fullscreen resolution to match exactly the same as your desktop resolution, makes switching to fullscreen a much more timeless, flicker-free, and overall seamless process. Not to mention desynch free those few users that have that issue. At the very least, at least experiment and find one that works and looks best for you. Select a fullscreen resolution that matches your desktop resolution, or at the very least, use one that doesn't cause a long wait and/or multiple flickers while the switching from window mode to fullscreen mode is in process. So you shouldn't need to worry If you haven't had issues of desynching, then you are probably already good to go....though possibly your opponent isn't If for some reason the fullscreen issue is worse for you than Sebe's, and no matter what you do it takes longer than a few seconds to switch to fullscreen with ESC, you can always go into fullscreen ahead of time, before even loading the rom and starting/connecting to netplay. ---- I would like to probably repackage Kega so that the first 2 options that are recommended are already defaulted. The fullscreen issue is one that is user specific though. I'm probably making the fullscreen issue a bigger deal than it is, as I think it only affects a minority of players. But if those players play a lot of games with many others, it can give a lot of us headaches.
  7. " It seems, at the moment, while it allows you to use the option while in netplay, with a quick click on the video menu... it must've been disabled as some sort of safeguard possibly, during netplay. Darn Steve Snake and his built-in safe guards! ATM, I can still use Fraps on my quad-core system to capture on Kega, but I realize most players probably don't have the specs or hard drive space to be able to do the same. Hope I can find a way to trick Kega into using it's built-in recorder in netplay, or hope it gets enabled in the next version. You could in 3.5, and in 3.6 now. Just make sure the host has 4-way adapter enabled in options (might have to restart the emu to save changes first), and it allows you make a netplay game with 4 players by clicking the arrows when you create a game. Just make sure you use medium bandwith with 4 players, cause High will mostly likely be laggy. And bump up the latency higher than normal, probably try 100 latency at first, and try a notch or two higher if its laggy. Let me know if you want me to test along with 2 others, I'd be more than willing, since 4player would rock with in-game chat. a few weeks ago I was thinking of releasing a repacked Kega, with different optimal default settings for netplay, by adjusting the .INI config file. I still just might do that, for all nhl94 users to download, to make it easier for everyone. It can be user dependent, for instance, depending if you someone has a 4:3 montitor or a widescreen one like my new 27" lcd Picking the correct fullscreen resolution (1280x768 for me) could be it, but what i do personally is just uncheck both Fixed Aspect options (Fit and Zoom) to fill my whole screen. I don't care if the aspect is exactly correct or not, I just want it to stretch to fill out the screen!
  8. Fooled around with it a bit. It should run even more consistent now, framerate and timing wise, on different players computer specs/configurations than before. This should mean netplay games should be smoother for people who might have had bad experiences with Kega in the past. For example, on my subpar laptop, 3.5 would run a bit inconsistent as far as accurate speed goes, so even when I would test a network game out on lan with my desktop, it was slightly jumpy. Not the case with 3.6 now, especially when I enable "Use Alternate Timing" under options. Unfortunately, the hotkeys for savestates still wasn't added in, so I guess we'd need to pester developer Steve Snake a bit more to make sure he gets it in there in his next version, which I assume there will be one soon enough. Since 3.6 made a lot of changes, their is bound to be a minor bug or two that would make the need for another slight revision in the near future. Another thing is, I can't seem to get AVI movie recording to work during netplay since it ends up creating basically a blank .avi file. And the "two controller sharing options for Netplay" isn't really what we were hoping for. But the improved timing on Vista and different hardware configs and, as a result, even smoother netplay is much worth it..... Furthermore, if that bios fix ends up fixing that early desync bug for good, then even better. Though I think putting a random word/number in the box where your SRM file directory should be, in config-genesis tab, which I had some other coaches try, was already a fix for that, which was permanently disabling any s-ram loading
  9. some new changes that could be useful: * Rewrote controller code, should fix problems with some USB controllers. * Added two controller sharing options for Netplay. Everybody can now share controller one, or all controllers. The latter isn't very useful, but why not. * Added AVI Logging using custom Kega Game Video 1 lossless codec. This is needed because logging RAW video causes poor performance even on highend machines, and using any of the available codecs either doesn't compress well enough to fix that, or does compress well enough, but can't keep up with 60fps, so you get poor performance either way. The codec is able to use hints from the emulator to aid in compression, allowing pretty good compression while taking very little CPU time. The codec to allow you to play back and convert the files is included in the archive, and can be installed via right clicking on the INI file and telling the OS to continue with the install. Tested on XP and Vista64, should work fine on 9x and Vista32. * Disabled BIOS use where possible during Netplay games, to prevent out of sync errors when people had different combinations of BIOS/NO BIOS/ Different BIOS. * Netplay Games should now automatically change your country code to that of the host. * Kega Fusion now runs beautifully under Vista.
  10. New version! Kega Fusion 3.6 is out! http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-download_....php?fileId=558 Supports AVI recording now it seems.. and he might have added smozoma's request for savestates with hotkeys enabled in netplay. Will report back after I test it out a bit.
  11. Montreal won this 1st round series last year in 6. This year though, Chicago returns the favor GM 1 CHI 5 @ 9 MTL Habs had me the whole game, most of the goals I did get were just garbage goals at the end. Habs made Belfour seem very human, with or without GC. GM 2 CHI 4 @ 3 MTL OT overtime lasted only 10 seconds GM 3 MTL 1 @ 2 CHI GM 4 MTL 2 @ 4 CHI GM 5 CHI 5 @ 6 MTL OT Habs down 4-2 at the start of the third and ends up tying at 5-5 Then overtime lasts only 34 seconds GM 6 MTL 1 @ 5 CHI Series Chicago wins in 6 I probably had an advantage in powerplay every game, except one game with no penalties. Almost half of Habs penalties seemed to be injuries on my players, but I was lucky that they were only out for just the period everytime, from what I can remember. And that didn't help him when that happened, especially when it happens near the end of a period. My team is somewhat balanced, so unless a glitch injury, that never happened before in nhl94 history, takes Eagle out of the game or period... I'm fine with any of my players going out with an injury for 1-4 minutes, to have that 2 minute powerplay. This seems like an advantage not normally thought about, of having a Roy or a Belfour as your 1st round pick. If my 1st round pick was a beast at center like Dino or Modano, instead of Kamensky (who's solid and underrated, but Richer as a backup for him, isn't the worst downgrade in the world) since my center took most of the blows, as usually it seems to.... I would've probably lost this series, also considering the fact I wouldn't have a Belfour or Roy at goal. After the first game, Belfour was denying just about everything. In the games I won, I think his save percentage was probably about 88% in those four games overall. He willed his way for his team to win this series, just like great goalies have done very often in the real NHL. A very good series indeed, lets see if fate leads us to yet another 1st round battle next season. If so, it definitely would be a 7 gamer that time around. I'd bet money on it.
  12. I've had some personal issues the last couple weeks. Was not available to use my PC that much at all this last week till now, with all this family crap taking away from my own time I'm back now... will go online for a bit tonight... longer for tomorrow evening for games.
  13. HFD 9 @ TOR 4 TOR 2 @ HFD 3 ggs guess i got skooled!
  14. I think Ice had this problem before when he enabled the Teamplayer adapter in controller options. If you want to try enabling 4 players in Kega, enable the EA four way play adapter instead. Also, DO NOT enable high priority mode, as this could make some input lag on your controller. Zsnes gave me that problem as well. I must warn though, that the netplay in Kega probably won't work too well with 3 or 4 players, as I don't think it was made for it, but you can give it a shot and report the experience.