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  1. don't think that we'd be stretching it out anywhere near the deadline, at the Dec. 29th. WE WON'T! I'm sure the conference final games could probably easily be done by then. Just let me and Ice get our series done at a time that's best for us. Playing a bit of 2on2, you can play with possible distractions. But a 2nd round GDL playoff series? no.
  2. Don't worry so much.... We planned it ahead a time, to most likely to play the series by Tuesday night (meaning by tonight). We both can probably stay up late, if need be, since we both are gonna have time off from work starting from today (though yesterday was my last day). So it's more of an even playing field from here. I think we both want to get the whole series done in one sitting, but comfortably, with less chance of distractions, for the both of us. Is that too much to ask?
  3. Genesis B QUARTERFINALS (best-of-seven) (13) Los Angeles Kings (ensuingfracas) @ (12) Toronto Maple Leafs (minddefect) LA 2 @ TOR 0 LA 8 @ TOR 5 TOR 4 @ LA 3 TOR 3 @ LA 5 TOR 4 @ LA 5 LA wins series 4-1 Good series fracas. Sandstrom definitely prevailed, of the battle at center against Gilmour. And made Potvin look silly.
  4. Well in my case, genuine aspect or not, it just doesn't feel right if it doesn't end up filling up a 27'' widescreen. I want it to looking like this in gdl, and like this in classic. So yah, everthing is stretched out wider than it normally should be on my screen......including my own Ed Belfour at goal! Muahahahaha! *edited images as to save smoz from having a heart attack from my careless, excess data pollution, involving the good people at imageshack. I am deeply sorry, and I solemnly swear to never make the mistake of uploading images in BMP format ever again
  5. Go inside the Video Codec folder, and right click on the file "KegaGameVideo.inf" and click install. . Go here if you still have issues.
  6. Here are two options I've mentioned before that still might be needed for 3.6 for more optimal online play: Make sure "Use Alternate Timing" is checked ----------- Also..... Type in something in the SRM Files box, where no SRM (Sram) could ever be found..... (the Disable Sram option still doesn't work) -------------------------------- *EDIT*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And finally one other important issue I might add when it comes to switching to fullscreen. It seems thegr8199 has been right all
  7. " It seems, at the moment, while it allows you to use the option while in netplay, with a quick click on the video menu... it must've been disabled as some sort of safeguard possibly, during netplay. Darn Steve Snake and his built-in safe guards! ATM, I can still use Fraps on my quad-core system to capture on Kega, but I realize most players probably don't have the specs or hard drive space to be able to do the same. Hope I can find a way to trick Kega into using it's built-in recorder in netplay, or hope it gets enabled in the next version. You could in 3.5, and in 3.6 now. Just make s
  8. Fooled around with it a bit. It should run even more consistent now, framerate and timing wise, on different players computer specs/configurations than before. This should mean netplay games should be smoother for people who might have had bad experiences with Kega in the past. For example, on my subpar laptop, 3.5 would run a bit inconsistent as far as accurate speed goes, so even when I would test a network game out on lan with my desktop, it was slightly jumpy. Not the case with 3.6 now, especially when I enable "Use Alternate Timing" under options. Unfortunately, the hotkeys for savest
  9. some new changes that could be useful: * Rewrote controller code, should fix problems with some USB controllers. * Added two controller sharing options for Netplay. Everybody can now share controller one, or all controllers. The latter isn't very useful, but why not. * Added AVI Logging using custom Kega Game Video 1 lossless codec. This is needed because logging RAW video causes poor performance even on highend machines, and using any of the available codecs either doesn't compress well enough to fix that, or does compress well enough, but can't keep up with 60fps, so you
  10. New version! Kega Fusion 3.6 is out! http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-download_....php?fileId=558 Supports AVI recording now it seems.. and he might have added smozoma's request for savestates with hotkeys enabled in netplay. Will report back after I test it out a bit.
  11. Montreal won this 1st round series last year in 6. This year though, Chicago returns the favor GM 1 CHI 5 @ 9 MTL Habs had me the whole game, most of the goals I did get were just garbage goals at the end. Habs made Belfour seem very human, with or without GC. GM 2 CHI 4 @ 3 MTL OT overtime lasted only 10 seconds GM 3 MTL 1 @ 2 CHI GM 4 MTL 2 @ 4 CHI GM 5 CHI 5 @ 6 MTL OT Habs down 4-2 at the start of the third and ends up tying at 5-5 Then overtime lasts only 34 seconds GM 6 MTL 1 @ 5 CHI Series Chicago wins in 6 I probably had an advantage in powerpla
  12. I've had some personal issues the last couple weeks. Was not available to use my PC that much at all this last week till now, with all this family crap taking away from my own time I'm back now... will go online for a bit tonight... longer for tomorrow evening for games.
  13. HFD 9 @ TOR 4 TOR 2 @ HFD 3 ggs guess i got skooled!
  14. I think Ice had this problem before when he enabled the Teamplayer adapter in controller options. If you want to try enabling 4 players in Kega, enable the EA four way play adapter instead. Also, DO NOT enable high priority mode, as this could make some input lag on your controller. Zsnes gave me that problem as well. I must warn though, that the netplay in Kega probably won't work too well with 3 or 4 players, as I don't think it was made for it, but you can give it a shot and report the experience.
  15. Updated my first post a bit, found a fix for an issue that occasionally the game is actually not in sync from the start, where it looks fine for both players in the menu's, until the actual game starts and your opponent starts playing like he's...well...... special. Actually I remember looking at the Kega forums and this fixed netplay for some people with issues. The remedy is to turn off/disable Auto Detect under the Country menu, and make sure only USA has a check mark by it in that menu.
  16. I think its impossible to expect everybody's connection to be perfect 24/7, and not have time periods where they might drops packets/data or have ping spikes. Luckily my DSL has been solid and consistent for me. But Kega can seem to handle these issues of slightly unstable connections better than kaillera it seems for the most part, if not always better. But, yes, there are some players who can have absolutely horrid connections to a point which make the game barely any fun to play online with them. Whether or not it's some software bogging down their pc, firewall, spyware etc., or an isp iss
  17. Probably because you are too accustomed to playing on gens/kaillera now, rather than playing an actual genesis version! I find when I enable fps display, in the gens emu, and make a game on a kaillera server..... the framerate hovers ABOVE 60.0, at 60.2 at least, and sometimes makes this odd jump to 64 fps (glitch, or another legitimate flaw of the emulator or kaillera?) Weird, cause when i play the game offline in gens, I get a more proper 59.9 fps.....though when i disable sound or a certain sound option, it goes ABOVE 60 fps just like when i play on kaillera, even with all the sound opti
  18. Ok, I will try to explain exactly what the latency settting is. Latency basically is like ping time. Try starting a network game by yourself, setting the latency really high like 300. You will notice a big delay in button response time from when you press a direction/button and when it registers on screen. Setting it at 0 is exactly the same as playing a rom offline. The number you put this, will be the EXACT timing from when either player inputs a button, to when it will register to both players onscreen. Setting it higher is more passive, lower is more aggressive. The issue if setting it to
  19. Man I thought you were joking at first that you actually prefer that look...bleh! . Whatever makes you happy I guess But if you prefer smoothed out over grainy, like me, downlaod 2xSaI from this render pack http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=47 and unzip the files to your Kega directory which allows you to select the 2xSaI renderer.
  20. I want some of us fellow gens players to give Kega Fusion a test run. Main Page Download Link Alternate Link Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Kega Fusion over Gens/kaillera netplay Advantages: - Pure p2p (like Zsnes) built in the emu, unlike gens kaillera p2p which is basically just a hack, and not made specific for the given emulator - The p2p netplay, runs the game, lag and framerate wise, just about exactly the same on both the host and client side. None of that "well the game ran smooth for me, don't know why it was choppy for you.." kinda stuff that we get with Gen
  21. Yah I did kinda figure that before, but I must've thought it could've been the case when it appeared to fix it at first.... Speaking of this anyway, especially since so many in blitz already have hamachi in your league smoz, could we make Kega Fusion p2p be a requirement in blitz in the near future? It's by far the best way to play on-line, since it doesn't have these issues that Gens has. Better netcode, MUCH better sound, and graphics as well. It also does allow saving states in netplay as well, just not by hotkey... It just saves states in a slighty different format. I used it to play my
  22. ok, maybe those settings were a mere coincidence. As it seemed every game i played didn't have that issue, after I made those changes, but the most recent game I just played on scd....the fps issue reared it's ugly head again So, I dunno if it could reduce the amount of times the fps drops, but most likely I probably just happened to be lucky for a little while after I changed those settings. The fps droppage does seem to happen in between events (goals, penalties), during the times the screen goes black, when it does happen. And it also can fix itself during those times. Not sure why that's
  23. I have had fps issues that have arisen in netplay in gens, that would seem to be random. Happens way more often in server kaillera play than p2p. I would always need to adjust my game window to fix it, which is annoying while playing. I think I finally fixed this issue from switching my frameskip setting from auto to 0. I also set my sound to mono, which could also help a bit, since that would be sending half the normal sound info to the server than having it set to stereo would. So try out 0 for frameskip and mono for your sound. I think disabling the auto frameskip is probably the fix, beca
  24. @TOR TOR 1 vs WPG 0 @WPG WPG 1 vs TOR 5 ggs smozoma