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  1. Hey guys, has vancouver played anyone yet? I have 2 remaining games and I cant find this guy! Who decides when to replace someone? I'm not sure that I have a good enough record to proceed into the post season but I would like to finish my last two games
  2. confirmed yeah splits are the story of my life. good games, I always have a hard time against detroit....I just can't seem to land a body check on those guys! good luck on the rest of your games
  3. those are confirmed. * Warden: please note when you are logging these games that I also posted these very same scores....I assure you we only played 2 games, not 4
  4. game 1: NYR 3 @ CAL 1 game 2: CAL 3 @ NYR 2 (Overtime Win) Quite a bit of lag, but the games were close.....especially that overtime frame good games man
  5. ggs man, I dont know what happened there. Hextall did save everything I put at him but whatever, you win some you lose some. Good luck with the rest of your season
  6. those are confirmed, good games man
  7. NYR 3 @ CHI 4 CHI 3 @ NYR 0 Chicago sweep, ggs
  8. NYR 4 @ MTL 3 OT MTL 3 @ NYR 6 good games man, good luck on the rest of your games
  9. Wpg 2 @ NYR 3 OT NYR 3 @ WPG 4 good games , one win each
  10. Game 1: STL 2 @ NYR 6 Game 2: NYR 4 @ STL 3 Good games man