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    Craig Simpson backhander
  1. everyone knows the 94 red wings first liners Yzerman, Federov, Ciccarelli ... but their 2nd liners are fantastic as well Dallas Drake, Keith Primeau, Ysbeart, Overall a KIKAZZ team !!!! How did they not win the cup that year?????
  2. i think Larmer comes up bigger during important games rather than Roenick
  3. i want to play someone, anyone but i cant connect
  4. AH yes the Boston Bruins of 93/94 were FRIGGIN AWESOME BUT RAY BOURQUE IS MUCH BETTER!!!
  5. dont always go with the highest overall ranked players u might discover hidden great players
  6. is it me or does center Craig Simpson have an outstanding backhanded shot???? almost everytime i hit a backhander with him he scores!!!!