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  1. MNAchilles

    Cheap Goal

    I have been playing a lot of NHL 97 lately and noticed that once in awhile goals can be scored through the back of the net, lol. It's just great to see the goalie bang his stick in frustration as I score physically impossible goals through the back of the goal net. Check out my video of me scoring one of these cheap goals with Boston:
  2. I just experienced the same thing myself. It really sucked because it was Scott Stevens that got stuck in the box! I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I noticed that the penalty was set to expire at the same time the period ended. Maybe there is a glitch where the player is not released properly because of the period ending code.
  3. Seriously, I just injured three LA Kings players and every one of them said they were injured for 3 games. They were recovered and playing by the next period. What gives?
  4. Hi all, I have been playing a full season of NHL 96 on the Genesis and noticed an annoying bug. When a player gets injured and it says he has been injured for 5 games he is right back in the lineup and healthy for the next game. What is the point of multi-game injuries if they don't actually apply!? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  5. NHL 94 All Turtle Team Defense: Greg Smyth, Gord Dineen/Bryan Fogarty(used interchangeably) Left Wing: Dean Evason Center: Stu Grimson Right Wing: Scott Mellanby
  6. Holy crap! I rarely do a lot of line changes so I hadn't had much exposure to Mr. Smyth. I just tried to play a game as Calgary and put him in the first line. That guy is down right unusable. I could not skate more than a few feet before being viciously checked into the boards. What a wanker!
  7. I agree that Ray has incredible checking ability and a nice slapper, but I still think Oates seems to be in better position most of the time. Plus, Bourque is always in the penalty box, lol.
  8. Just thought I would start up post on who everyone thinks is the slowest skater. I know we could just all look at the speed and agility stats but I wanted to get an idea for the slowest "perceived" skater in the game. I will start the voting with right winger Scott Mellanby for the Panthers. That guy definitely likes his DSL, lol.
  9. First off, I would like to thank all the contributers to as it is an excellent site dedicated to one of the greatest classic games of all time! I have been playing as the Bruins a lot lately and I thought I would put together a little video tribute to the beast of the east, Adam Oates. He may not be as flashy as Jeremy Roenick but his puck handling and checking ability are second to none. Hope you like the tribute video.