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  1. Very good advice Chris. I don't know why you specifically recommend a black & white marble notebook, but it just so happens my NHL94 book is that exact notebook I also agree on working when you have momentum & desire & laying off when you're frustrated. I've run into several roadblocks that frustrated me. I'll walk away for a while & when I come back I work through it with no problem. One time after a month-long hiatus from my biggest obstacle so far I not only solved the problem but went through a period where I was making progress at an unprecidented pace for me. You do have to be careful though, I took too long of a break last time & until yesterday, haven't touched my project in 6 months.
  2. Well, after fooling around with both 2001 & 2002 demos I decided 2001 was the version for me. It seems (for the computer version at least) 2002 was when 2 bad trends for the NHL series started: Weak & delayed hits (stupid realistic hitting) The breakaway cam Other than that, they seem exactly the same with improved graphics. I bought 2001 from Amazon. When I get the game & try franchise mode I'll report back.
  3. I would be using it for 1 player exclusively. I kind of liked nhl 2000s franchise mode (even though it was very shallow). I've played a 2001 demo & it actually runs on XP & gameplay is pretty similar to 2000. I'll probably download a 2002 demo & try that also. The problem is, you can't do any franchise stuff in the demo versions, so I'm not sure how good it is.
  4. I haven't really kept up much on the NHL series since 95. For the most part I stuck with 94. I've tried to get into 2003, 2004 & 2005 & hated all three. But until recently I've played 2000 (PC version) periodically. I liked it pretty much, though in a different way than the 1st generation nhl games. The problem is my old old computer that played it bit the dust & xp won't run it because it's so old. Has anyone else played 98 - 2002 NHL games on PC or PS1/PS2? What do you think of those games. Which years would you recommend?
  5. Red

    NHL 07

    [guess] It says leave off because there is no room in the ROM to keep records. Since the size of the game has to remain constant, when they added additional teams & players, they had to subtract from somewhere. They subtracted from the records section of the ROM (& I would guess the player pictures section too). [/guess]
  6. Red

    fight discussion

    That's a great statistical analysis! Though I don't really play 93, I always love to find out how the engine & AI of the NHL games works. Maybe it's boring for others, but I'm geek, so I liked it.
  7. Wow, in all the games I've played I've never seen anything like that. Cool video.
  8. I definitely agree. I loved hockey in the 80s early 90s. But not only did the trap make hockey boring because of less scoring, but it made it more boring because it let veterans stay in the game way too long. Part of the fun of (american) football for me is that players can rise to (and fall from) greatness so quickly. There's always new blood in the league you have to keep up with. & while you always like to have a few familiar names, it just seemed like every good player from when I first started following hockey in the mid 80s was still playing at the turn of the century. Admittedly, I've been trying to get back into the league, but it's really hard when your hometown team is the Blues. Edit: And why in the hell do they give out points for losing???
  9. Why can't you use line changes or switch players mid-game? Neither of those should make scoring easier. And why do you put LA & Detroit on the list? Cheveldae is weak as a goalie. Detroit may be one of the best offensive teams, but they're no harder to score on than any other 70ish team & LA is pretty good, but nothing special defensively.
  10. Yeah, that was rather depressing. Dropping out of school & living with your parents because you're obsessed with a video game?!
  11. Yes, "save state" is what you're looking for. It takes a snapshot of the exact state of the game at that point. If you save the state, you can exit the emulator & load the state later & resume the game at that exact spot.
  12. Emulators are programs that simulate game systems on your computer. If you just wanted to get started with NHL, the 'downloads' page on nhl94.com has everything you need. Just download the emulator you want (Gen or SNES), then the ROM (.bin for Gen or .smc for SNES). For instance, if you want to play the SNES version, you would download one of the SNES emulators (I prefer SNES 9X), then download the "Default NHL94.smc File". After you unzip the emulator zip file, it will give you an exe file. Just run that program & go to "open ROM" & select the game you want. If you want to get into more emulation www.zophar.net is a good place to start. It has emulators for every system imaginable (but you will have to find the ROMs elsewhere.
  13. Do you have a cold? Have some of these
  14. I appreciate everyone who spends the time to contribute rosters, but I definitely prefer Mack's ROM.
  15. Hate to break it to you Lafontaine, but I scored 40 w/ 10 minute periods. I sent it in to Evan, but he never posted it.
  16. 10 min periods, penalties on/no offsides, manual goalie, line changes auto.
  17. I'll take these ones on the list. Don't get me wrong, the right wingers one the list are morons, but I don't equate them with leaders who do the actual killing. And I'll raise you: Kim Jong Ill, Charles Taylor, Mussolini, Fidel Castro, King Fahd, Pope Urban II, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Tung & Donnie Osmond
  18. I would recommend using dmitry's extractor at least for now. Mine seems to have some issues that I need to correct.
  19. I've already made a standalone exporter. I don't have a place to host it, but pm me with your email address or send me a message on msn messenger & I can send it to you. If anyone wants to host it, let me know. Eventually I'll probably find a host, but now I don't feel like setting up an acct for 1 file. Disclaimer: Code is not at all optimized. In fact, probably less than 1/3 of the code actually functions. It was really meant for another purpose, but I hacked it to peices in a couple minutes so just the exporter functions.
  20. A+ Mack. I'm glad you decided to stick with unbalanced teams (where players aren't all within 10 overall points of each other) like in the original. To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a hockey fan, but I am looking forward to relearning all the teams & having all new favorite players & team dynamics.
  21. Awesome wboy. The new in-game look is a lot easier on the eyes. I also like the in-game pictures taking the place of the portraits. Nice touch!
  22. Good luck, but without the fighting animations (or presumably logic) in the game, it would take a pretty comprehensive rebuild of the game to include fighting. You would have to break down the game engine so you could add logic to know when to start a fight & how to carry through a fight, then you would have to either add capacity to the game for the extra sprites & build them up pixel by pixel & reference them in the code, or you could erase current animations, so the game would look choppier, change the game engine so that those maps are never referrenced in regular play. Any of this would take an elaborate view of how the game engine is constructed. We know a lot about the raw data & graphics, but little about the actual engine that processes the gameplay. It would almost be as easy to reconstruct the entire game from scratch.
  23. Muller on 1st line? And where's Housley?
  24. I always thought these guys had the best video game based drinking game http://dee-nee.com/rbi/drink.shtml
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