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  1. Less than a week to go. This thread has been kinda quiet. Hope there is a good turn out at the show. Look forward to meeting everyone who attends.
  2. I gotcha Just was throwing it out there Regardless I'm looking forward to the show and the tournament
  3. That's good to hear that there won't be a cap. Just curious has any thought been given to a SNES tournament as well? Is it possible and or enough people interested / attending?
  4. I live out on Long Island and will be attending the expo this year. Is there any way I can preregister a spot for the nhl 94 tournament? I would really like to participate in it. Thanks
  5. Kind of ironic that right after Black Elmo gets traded to the Penguins you make a post on this topic. Meanwhile I posted last on August 12 2012. lol
  6. Before anything takes place the fate of the Coyotes must be taken care of. Sounds like they going to Quebec. Only then will they figure out for sure the new realignment. Bettman wants 4 divisions. 2 of 8 and 2 of 7. That is what is going on. As far rumors im shocked no one mentioned the rumor of Red Wings coming to a eastern division. Hows that for a big shakeup in the East? BTW the Islanders aren't going anywhere!
  7. I would like to see the players numbers underneath them during game play and also I think your players ratings might be a tad high. Other than that I like the rom.
  8. Kewl rom. Thanks for sharing with us all!
  9. Yes I just came across it. It doesn't look like it is used and nothing is linked with it.
  10. Just a idea. How bout a forum for users who have hockey related items for sale and or trade. Anything hockey related- video games, jerseys, cards, equipment, etc.
  11. Just curious- Has anyone thought of linking and the forums to a Facebook page? I think it would be a great idea. What do you all think?
  12. Tim Thomas wins one cup and everyone is on his bandwagon as one of greats??? I'll take Cheevers over him! lmao
  13. Hows this for stats???- Orr's Plus/Minus numbers are from another world. His numbers are more than twice that of Gretzky's, and three times more than Lemieux's ! You have to be a student of the game to even comprehend those numbers.....Orr was on the ice for more goals per shift than any other player---ever. He was also on the ice for the fewest number of goals scored per game against his Team. How do you measure such a mind blowing stat ?
  14. When Bobby Orr was on the ice it was like the Boston Bruins were playing with a man advantage. Bobby was not a defenceman, he was spectacular. A good defender is like an extra forward and Bobby Orr was the invisible defender who played forward because he didn't have to play defence. That's what happens when you start with the puck in the back of your net, cross the blue line, cross the red line, cross their blue line and put the puck in their net. Spectacular. Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948, in the town of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. He caught the eye of a Boston Bruin scout in 1
  15. and heres part 2 of my answer lmao enjoy!
  16. theres my answer to the wayne debate...easports nhl style
  17. Line 1 LW Bobby Hull C Mario Lemieux RW Gordie Howe LD Scott Stevens RD Scott Niedermayer Line 2 LW Clark Gillies C Bryan Trottier RW Mike Bossy LD Denis Potvin RD Paul Coffey Line 3 LW Brendan Shanahan C Phil Esposito RW Cam Neely LD Ray Bourque RD Bobby Orr Goal 1A Terry Sawchuk 1B Jacques Plante
  18. I'll add Bourque if you like one more D. Right on about Lemieux.
  19. I hope this comes through. Maybe its just me, but theres nothing like playing NHL94 on the original system, with the original controller, on a TV. Dont get me wrong playing through emulators on the comp is fun but its not the same. Keep me updated. Im very interested.
  20. I don't know of this article but heres a debate to start with- Best players by position of all time- LW Bobby Hull C Mario Lemieux RW Gordie Howe D Bobby Orr G Terry Sawchuk