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  1. LA KINGS FIRST LINE G: Grant Fuhr LD: Kjell Samuelsson RD: Doug Zmolek LW: Zhamnov C: G.Roberts RW: Sakic EX: Probert SECOND LINE G: Beauregard LD: Rob Ramage RD: T.Sjodin LW: Probert C: J.MacLean RW: Zelepukin EX: G.Roberts
  2. LA Kings Line 1 G - Grant Fuhr LD - K. Samuelsson RD - L. Richardson LW - LaFontaine C - Sakic RW - Ronning EX - T. Steen Line 2 G - Stauber LD - Sjodin RD - Ramage LW - Janssens C - T. Steen RW - R. Wood EX - Ronning
  3. wow...dodged and skipped over for 2nd year in a row.....I wont be returning to classic again! godspeed
  4. the LA Kings proudly select.......GRANT FUHR of the victoria cougars!
  5. i have a career and a nagging wife too
  6. no sign of wagsth so far....dont have time to wait around all day....really hope i dont get skipped over again.
  7. well...i'll be online saturday evening for awhile but am busy sunday...later
  8. finally got online at same time as u and u just signed off....weird...i'll be online again tnite anyway.
  9. i'll be online again wednesday evening for awhile...hope to see ya there.
  10. aim: rynweinmeyer option 1: yes A option 2: no
  11. been on quite a bit actually...must be at wrong times i guess....should be on tmorrow afternoon/evening and sunday