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  1. LA KINGS FIRST LINE G: Grant Fuhr LD: Kjell Samuelsson RD: Doug Zmolek LW: Zhamnov C: G.Roberts RW: Sakic EX: Probert SECOND LINE G: Beauregard LD: Rob Ramage RD: T.Sjodin LW: Probert C: J.MacLean RW: Zelepukin EX: G.Roberts
  2. LA Kings Line 1 G - Grant Fuhr LD - K. Samuelsson RD - L. Richardson LW - LaFontaine C - Sakic RW - Ronning EX - T. Steen Line 2 G - Stauber LD - Sjodin RD - Ramage LW - Janssens C - T. Steen RW - R. Wood EX - Ronning
  3. wow...dodged and skipped over for 2nd year in a row.....I wont be returning to classic again! godspeed
  4. the LA Kings proudly select.......GRANT FUHR of the victoria cougars!
  5. i have a career and a nagging wife too
  6. no sign of wagsth so far....dont have time to wait around all day....really hope i dont get skipped over again.
  7. well...i'll be online saturday evening for awhile but am busy sunday...later
  8. finally got online at same time as u and u just signed off....weird...i'll be online again tnite anyway.
  9. i'll be online again wednesday evening for awhile...hope to see ya there.
  10. aim: rynweinmeyer option 1: yes A option 2: no
  11. been on quite a bit actually...must be at wrong times i guess....should be on tmorrow afternoon/evening and sunday
  12. in quebec city, qc MTL 2 QUE 4 MTL 2 QUE 1 OT in montreal, qc QUE 3 MTL 5 QUE 2 MTL 1 good battles
  13. game 1 at montreal, qb MTL 2 VAN 3 game 2 at vancouver, bc MTL 4 VAN 3
  14. fleury's actually a solid in checker....and i was speed bursting like a mutha !
  15. "Houl. If the game is too laggy then say so at the start, not at the end of the third when your losing." wow, that is not cool at all
  16. L.A. KINGS FIRST LINE G- K.McLean LD- K.Hatcher RD- L.Richardson LW- K.Stevens C- Sakic RW- Fleury X- Hawerchuk SECOND LINE G- Stauber LD- D.Hatcher RD- Sjodin LW- Kurri C- Ricci RW- Hawerchuk X- Fleury
  17. Gens B/C 1.vancouver 2.montreal 3.detroit 4.chicago 5.buffalo 6.winnipeg 8.dallas 9.calgary kings
  18. i should of taken wayner or chelly for this remark.
  19. NO keep as is. with the new teams, the talent is just being evenly proportioned, i think its fair. there will players available for all.