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  1. I'm not sure I understand that part though... But thanks anyway. It seems a bit too complicated for me considering the amount of time I have for this sort of stuff. I already have a whole bunch of 'geeky' projects on my hands... My girlfriend would kill at some point if I go too far. But still.. Nice work by the way.
  2. Sorry I'm not sure where I found info about that, but I think I must have mixed up some things. The Everdrive seems to work with 2GB SD cards and up to 32GB sd cards with some updates, it looks like there is space for plenty different roms so shouldn't be any problem I guess. Unless I am missing something else... Thanks for all the replies!
  3. And I forgot, does anyone know if a modded NHLPA93 will work also?
  4. Hi Mr. DynamiteSJ. Your cartridges aren't the type I could reuse and update on my own by any chance?
  5. I'm thinking of getting the Everdrive cartridge to play modded NHL94 on the Genesis. I can't actually find out if it will actually work or not. Official info about it says the file size limit is 2mb? ( the modded bin file is2048kb..) And the closest thing to an answer I found on this forum is the following from this thread: http://forum.nhl94.c...__1#entry106634 So before I get it, I would appreciate if any of you have had any experiences with it... Or any suggestions about how to play mods on the actual Genesis. ( I want to be able to update it regularly ) Thanks!
  6. Hey you got nothing to do with this! It cost me 3$ to try something.. Not a big deal. So it seems the USB connector and DB9 port really need something in-between to translate for each other after all.
  7. I received the adapters and they get detected. But I can't actually get it to detect the actual controllers. Unless I'm doing something wrong or missing something.
  8. I just ordered 2 cheap ones just to try it out. I figured I could sacrifice 3,21$ for the good of humanity. I'll post again when I find out if it works or not.
  9. Is there a difference between yours and those? There's a bit of a difference in price.. Do the retroports include the controller as well?
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking to connect 2 original Genesis controllers to my PC ( Laptop running on XP ) via USB.. Emulating NHL94 with GENS. Will 2 of these adapters do the trick? : http://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/New-USB-2-0-TO-RS232-SERIAL-DB9-9-PIN-ADAPTER-CABLE-US-/270607848335?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f017c138f Sorry if this has been covered before. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know if adding teams to the game is possible? Like 36 or 48... Am I just dreaming in color? thx.
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