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  1. i really like this idea. except i think it should be more like: tie game - 5 min overtime still tied - 5 min 4 on 4 still tied - 5 min 3 on 3 still tied - TIE. OR tie game - 10 min. 4 on 4 still tied - 5 min 3 on 3 still tied - TIE. i don't see what's wrong with just calling it a tie if two teams both play great, neither of them deserve to lose it in a shootout. i don't was the nhl as much as i used to, but i have season tickets to the hershey bears in the AHL. i liked the shootout initialy, but it's kind of worn on me. It's not good for pro hockey. It's more like charlie and the migh
  2. hey. i' new here just to let you know. anyways i was wondering if someone could email me this ahl 2005 rom. i tried downloading the zip up there and it keeps saying its corrupted. linkinpark3154@aol.com thanks alot.