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  1. 9 minutes ago, smozoma said:

    Did you do the "save game remap file" at the end? That's the step that's supposed to revert the change automatically when you play a different ROM.

    Yeah. I actually just hosted a 2on2 game and I had control of all 4 skaters... :cry:

  2. Calgary Flames

    First Line
    LW - Brian Bellows
    C - Mark Recchi
    RW - Glen Anderson
    LD - James Patrick
    RD - Gary Suter
    G - Vanbirksh
    X - Vlad Ruzicka

    Second Line:
    LW - Dahlen
    C - Ruzicka
    RW - R Sutter
    LD - T. Kurvers
    RD - T. Kurvers
    G - Jablonski
    X - Recchi

  3. Plabax,

    Just saw your posts saying I only have success in classic and not in draft leagues.

    Can't accept the defeat heh ?

    You should know, because you know everything, that this is the first time ever I reached the cup finals in GENS A.

    However, I have reached Blitz A cup final once and 2 GDL cup finals before. It's not like classic was the first time I have some playoff success. Grow up.

    But hey, 4 cup finals with 0 cup. Yes f**k myself!!

  4. :dal_skater_hand_grab: To all Mofapes :dal_skater_hand_grab:

    It's this time of the year to make your predictions!

    Flyers @ Capitals - WSH in 6

    Red Wings @ Lightning - DET in 6

    Rangers @ Penguins - PIT in 7

    Islanders @ Panthers - FLO in 7

    Wild @ Stars - DAL in 5

    Predators @ Ducks - NSH in 7

    Sharks @ Kings -LA in 6

    Blackhawks @ Blues - CHI in 7

  5. Calgary Flames

    First Line
    LW - Geoff Courtnall
    C - Sergei Federov
    RW - Kirk Muller
    LD - Yves Racine
    RD - Curtis Leschyncyn
    G - Andy MooGa
    X - Glen Anderson

    Second Line:
    LW - Kirk Muller
    C - Kirk Muller
    RW - Kirk Muller
    LD - Jamie Macoun
    RD - Jamie Macoun
    G - Mofape
    X - Kirk Muller

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