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  1. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    CGY selects Marc Bergevin
  2. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    CGY selects Jamie Macoun
  3. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    CGY brings back Glenn Anderson
  4. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    SOHOMO selects Mark Tinordi
  5. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    2nd Round CGY selects Geoff Courtnall
  6. Zalex

    GDL XV Draft

    Zalex Takes Sergei Fedorov
  7. IMO, re-seeding is always the way to go. You want people to play all regular season gms ? At least with re-seeding, it gives us one more reason to play all our games. The coaches with mots pts will always get home ice advantage this way.
  8. I will be on Friday night, Saturday during day and sunday GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. To everyone I have gms left. I should be able to play around Feb. 20th and beyond.
  10. http://www.theplayerstribune.com/a-guy-like-me/
  11. The old Blitz website was the best thing ever to keep track of every records and stats. RIP
  12. Coyotes placed NHL All-Star vote leader on waivers earlier this week. worthless event. who cares about the all-star game
  13. I updated my lines with the new trades. Please consider. Peace and GA
  14. Zalex trades : G. Sanderson & Bruce Driver To Wally Wollo Wack for : Reichel and Dahlquist
  15. Geoff Sanderson is on the block for another foward. 4shot power 4 shot acc. 4 speed 4 agi 4 stick hand FOUUUUUR PM me on aim.
  16. CalGAry Flames LW - Dino Ciccarelli C - Robert Reichel RW - Glen Anderson LD - Curtis Lescyncyn RD - Matt Schneider G - Bill Ranford X - Valery Zelepikinanatagfa 2nd line LD Chris Dahlquist RD Marc Bergevin LW C RW - Valery Zelepikinanatagfa Guy Hebert
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