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  1. SETH!! We need to play when can you ? I never see you online, AIM hiding mode seth.
  2. To Zalex : Lupz 1st Rounder Lupz 2nd Rounder Lupz 6th Rounder To Lupz : Zalex 1st Rounder Zalex 2nd Rounder Zalex 4th Rouder Lupz 27 6:08 pm my 1st 2nd 6th for your 1st 2nd 4th I don't need top 4 zalex1414 6:10 pm Ok ill do this and post
  3. Nice Job Brutus, thanks for doing this. Shaking things a bit is fun after all those years.
  4. Calgary advances to the cup finals in 4 games. Game 1 Game 2 & Game 3 all ended 6-5 CGY with the flames scoring the GWG in the final seconds of each the game. Heartbreaking for the canadiens. Unbelievable... GGs again Habs
  5. You had your time, you had the power You've yet to have your finest hour Trapon, Trapon. All we hear is Trapon ga ga Trapon goo goo Trapon ga ga All we hear is Trapon ga ga Trapon blah blah Trapon, someone still loves you!
  6. Wow. Nice Job Habs! Been a loooong time since we faced each other in playoff. It's in the GA no matter what happens next.
  7. We just played. Great Series. AJ HABS you are next GoGoGo
  8. Yeah. Everytime I ask for classic its always SNES.
  9. Smoz, we need to GA. Lupz, we need to GA. Angryjay, we need to GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Uncle S. when are you available to play ?
  11. Played Zepp. CGY 4 - EDM 0 It was far from easy. GM 1 : EDM was up 6-4 after half game. Wake up call in the third for the flames. Final Score 9-6 CGY GM 2 : EDM was up 6-3 with less than 2 mins left to the game. Roenick went ape mode. Final Score OT Roenick 7 EDM 6. GM 3 : 5-3 CGY GM 4 : 4-0 CGY. Trapon enabled. Finally. ggs Get that site up for our save states. GA
  12. Will be an interesting season that's for sure. Lots of Vet are in.
  13. Every time you have a drink, force yourself to play NHL95. You'll stay sober for 94.
  14. Amazing Series vs Raph. Raph won the first 3 gms, where I only scored 4 goals total. Screw the hawks. Then I took game 4, 5 & 6. But lost game 7. Never GIVE UP.
  15. Wow you are such a slacker hokkee
  16. Blitz Cup Odds, oh yeah! I want to see upsets along the way, aside from my series of course.
  17. Hokkey get your f**king facts straight lol. Rat. Didnt even know the roster of the team I took over until last night.
  18. In! Don't remember the last time I played in classic.
  19. I know I am in a minority here, but it would have been nice to have the keyboard option. I often play locally on 1 PC with 2 players. Myself & Frey (and some others perhabs) would have probably gone if the event wasn't just on cuntrollers. But hey, this event was a tribute to the orignal 94 who was played with a cuntroller only. Cheers to everyone who attended the event. GA be with you.
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