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  1. Congrats to KG, cheers to everyone who attended the event. 94 lives on.
  2. I will be on this week after 7 pm
  3. I am one of only 2 coaches who played all their gms last season in A. Got no problem to play 15 gms a day. K.Thx.Bye!
  4. Do you plan on playing 2on2 on computers hooked to TVs ? Aka Keyboard.
  5. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/16187-gdl-xi-final-standings-and-playoff-matchups/ I remember sweeping your ass. GA.
  6. Chicaga Blackwacks 1st line LW - Kelly Miller C - Eric Lindros RW - Vlad Ruzicka LD - J. Lumme RD - A. Iafrate G - Bob Essensa X - Paul Ranheim 2nd line LW - Bob Carpenter C - Paul Ranheim RW - Corey Millen LD - Sergei Zubov RD - Bruce Driver G - Rick Knickle
  7. I am taking Bob Carpenter by the way.
  8. I needed Zhitnik... Noooo Jyrki Lumme
  9. Zalex trades : 3rd rounder 5th rounder To Lupz for : Bob Essensa 12th rounder
  10. Sorry I wasn't home recently, never thought the draft would start so fast.
  11. Do you believe ? I believe. In GA. Capitals vs Rangers - NYR in 7 The Rangers will once again reach the east conference final, but the capitals will be in the series until the very end. Lightning vs Canadiens - MTL in 6 Montreal is 0-5 vs TB this year but everyone knows the playoff is a new season. Home Ice & a couple days of rest will help for the habs. GA will prevail. Flames vs Ducks - ANA in 6 If I predict another series that Anaheim loses, Kupuck will murder my anus in my sleep. Wild vs Blackhawks - MIN in 6 Minnesota in on a roll and they will be the surprise of the 2nd round.
  12. Can you Blame Crawford now ? 6 Goals allowed in gm 2. Up to 9 goals against in one game and a half. Will the sens come back with Hammond in gm3 ? I think they will go with Anderson.
  13. The best time of the year is here. Predictions you mofapes ? Penguins vs Rangers - NYR in 6 Even if PIT is now allowed to recall a Dman and have 6 D in the line up for the first time in recent games, NY will prevail. Senators vs Canadiens - MTL in 7 Ottawa is on a Roll and always plays good vs the Habs. But will they have enough Gas left in the tank after their 2 months marathon ? Red Wings vs Lightning - TB in 5 No one seems to give Detroit a chance in this one. TB has the best Offence in the league and the Red Wings are still not sure which Goalie will start for them. Islanders vs Capitals WSH in 6 Halak vs Ovechkin. Again. But this time Ovechkin will win because of the Barry Trotz. Jets vs Ducks - WPG in 7 The upset of the first round. Even if Anaheim finished first in their divison, their goal diff. is only at +10. Bruce Boudreau once again, won't go pass the first round. Watch out for the playoff atmosphere at the MTS Centre. Wild vs Blues - MIN in 6 Some would think this is the year for the Blues to go deep in the playoffs. The Wild will choose otherwise. Flames vs Canucks - VAN in 7 This one could go either way. I picked VAN due to their playoff experience. Blackhawks vs Predators - NSH in 6 I will go against most odds and pick Nashvillle even if they didnt ended the season as good as they hoped. Early exit for the hawks this year.
  14. Chicago Blackwacks #1 LW - Thomas Steen C - Kirk Muller RW - Vlad Ruzicka LD - Al Iafrate RD - Curtis Leschyncyncyncynncn G - Bob Essensa X - Paul Ranheim #2 LW - Kelly Miller C - Paul Ranheim RW - Greg Adams LD - Yves Racine RD - Sergei Zubov G - Pat Jablonski X - Kirk Muller
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