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  1. WTGA, I never had Klima get your s**t right Raph! Smoke more.
  2. Chicaga LW - Jaromir Jagr C - Kirk Muller RW - Vladimir Ruzicka LD - Doug Wilson RD - Curtis Leschynchyn G - Bob Essensa X - Paul Ranheim LW - Kelly Miller C - Paul Ranheim RW - Brian Noonan LD - Yves Racine RD - Sergei Zubov G - Fitzpatrick X - Garomir Gagr
  3. To Chicago (Zalex) : Jaromir Gagr Bob Essensa To Dallas (Raph) : Tomas Sandstrom Tommy Soderstrom
  4. the site is blocked at my job i cant make pick during the day on week-day. Text me when Im up
  5. Remember, dont hit after the whistle. It's rude and not polite! Everything has been said : Pearate got the chance to get Roy which is arguably better than Belfour and in the next round he had a chance to re-do his roster and draft better fowards to improve his team with a great 2nd round pick. But that's the guy who whined about people hitting his players after the whistle. We just ruined 8 seasons of blitz ? I didn't know you played all 8 seasons. Only 5 coaches have been in blitz since season 1 and they don't mind the re-draft. Good Riddance.
  6. NYR Line 1 : LW : Tikkanen C : Gartner RW : Messier LD : Leetch RD : Patrick G : Richter Line 2 : LW : Kovalev C : Ed Olczyk RW : Turcotte LD : Lowe RD : Zubov G : Vanbiersbkrok
  7. First time a team wins the stanley cup on home ice in overtime... since 1980. Crazy OT in gm 5
  8. This is sean avery type of diving
  9. Vancouver beats Buff in 7 gms. Crazy games with shitload of goals. When you score 7-8 goals and lose. WTGA. GGs Swos.
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