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  1. 1st Canadien with hat trick in elimination game since Maurice Richard in 1945
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqgjii7P4a4
  3. Predictions you mofapes ? MTL in 6
  4. Vancouver beats WSH in 5 gms. GGs Asstorm.
  5. GGGGGGGGGS. habs off to mtl with home ice for conference final omga. Any team with brad marchand deserves to lose.
  6. 4-0-1 with Ginette. Oh my GA
  7. Oh ouuiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Subban 2 pts tonight, 2nd player with most pts this playoff.
  8. Vancouver sweeps Minnesota. GGas Bruce Driver 15 pts in 4 gms. MVP.
  9. Great season everyone. Blitz is and will always be the best league around.
  10. Montreal will win because of the GA factor. War is starting next week.
  11. Crazy series. I almost hokkey-smashed my keyboard when Raph scored in OT gm7. lool
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