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  1. wow sorry to see the news, totally understand though, it must be tough to do all of this on the side...and yes keep us posted and i look forward to the next league start and any side leagues i would be interested in as well
  2. looks great guys, looking forward to the league
  3. take it as a compliment?? lol what??..the guy played well, he didn't murder me and i didn't play well and we had 3 one goal games...i dont think i've lost to him in reg season play...im not saying the guy isn't good, def clutch...i feel i didn't play near as well as i could have and easily could have flopped the scores of the 3 games...so no i wont take it as a compliment that i got his "A" game lol, thats rediculous
  4. again despite the sweep were 3 really close games and i think this guy is def in my head in the playoffs, both times i played him my hands could not stop shaking and i was throwing the puck away lol, my goalie my has well been a pilon, but no excuses...champions perform when needed to and u sir have demonstrated a true champion...well done...not easy in this league and especially to win back to back....congrats to the best player online again not sure if the penguins will return or if i give gartner and the boys another shot just to mix it up thanks for a great season evan and company and had a blast once again despite my lack of showing up in the finals lol...maybe next season...again lol cheers
  5. i just got called into work, in case u message me again in the early evening and i dont reply ....i can start at 830-900est, i will be off at 9 my time
  6. and for the record i prob will be drunk
  7. meeeeow, i leave my aim open so people can message me and i can get back to them...i wasn't pointing the finger at u, i will be around tonight and we'll put this to rest see you tonight
  8. not around...not wasting another night waiting....im off tomorrow all day ..hit me up kid
  9. im home for the most of the night and am off all day tomorrow...hopefully we'll get this done tonight
  10. sorry so far we haven't been on the sametime, im working alot of nights late, retail this time of year sucks lol, but hopefully fri evening i'll be around or sat early evening
  11. sorry dude, was super hung over sunday, monday was at work and tonight was at work, the sega series were not touched yet, the next time i will prob be around is tomorrow night late or maybe friday
  12. 01 Best Overall Coach -the deer, just dominated all season, look at those #'s 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach -the94 slut....schwartz 03 Best One-Timer Coach -rudy 04 Best Deke Coach -energy mike caused me the most trouble 05 Best Slapshot Coach -mcmarkis no question 06 Best Defensive Coach -energy mike...just solid 07 Best Offensive Coach -the deer 08 Most Improved Coach -fenty no question, no playoffs last season to #2 seed in his conference...well done 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team -schwartz 10 Best Replacement Coach -sigh....no one else to pick...so steve ....this guy will be good next year 11 Best Rookie Coach -pokerchamp...awesome season and a great addition to the league or extraordinary gentlemen 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times -Me lol was in a HUGE slump and at one point was 11-8 :s....but turned it around....but jota had the same thing happen so he gets my vote great season gents...lets make next season even better!
  13. he scares u cause your weak, i fear no jota !!!
  14. last year pitt didn't even make the playoffs in this league and as poker said look at the teams left so your theory is dead wrong....and last season the finals for A were EDM??? and NYR......dont see any of the teams mentioned there!
  15. just wondering when a good time is for our series? hit me up here or on aim
  16. well if the spot is open i'll accept between skipper and bsdaemon
  17. was a rediculous series, cant wait to see the highlight package...the intensity was insane and i was very glad it didn't go 7. Again man great series and get your ass back for a full season in the spring!
  18. im here watchin the monday nighter and havin some beers, hit me up
  19. ummm we were supposed to have some games last night, i got home at 9 and seen a message and responded but that was that for the night, i'll be around tonight after 11ish prob half in the bag so we'll see how many i can get in...if not i can be available tomorrow evening after 5ish
  20. when is this draft and depending on whos left will decide who i like, any chance of doing it on the board or something?
  21. in snes A last season they didn't even make the playoffs and that owner is now 2nd seed in the west
  22. this guy is gonna be a solid player, just needs to adjust to online play, really good d and has some nice 1timers...welcome aboard and hit me for games anytime
  23. LOL wow, so your the best in the world but haven't played a single game online...???? and after trashtalking cant back it up with your dial up connection....my friend i dont usually say this but i'll make u cry when you get your connection up and running ....welcome to the league yours truly, the94kid in all seriousness though i think u will be shellshocked with the dif styles and adapting to them, in this league anyway it is nothing for a weak opponent to beat a top player on any given day...just gotta be able to adapt to dif styles and as u only play with your bro's and buddies u prob haven't seen them all
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