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  1. I haven't tried zbattle with it, but I do have a WRT54GL, and now most things work. I did have some trouble setting it up to be honest. I've got an FTP server running without any problem but that's about it. Haven't tried much more. What about running other firmwares? I'm using the DD-WRT firmware (DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) mini - build 3932). There's one that's called "Tomato" that I see many use as well. Hope you'll figure it out. Network stuff can be tricky when they screw up.
  2. Liked the last one the most! Cool to see that it's possible to flip the puck into the net! I've tried that a bunch of times but never made it..
  3. Yeah I really liked those from after the lockout (I think that was it). But the best one was with , laughed my ass of when he "got the light". The one was fun too. And I guess the Turco clip is cool as well.
  4. 1. Considering the SNES itself only support 5 players max I can almost guarantee that there will never be 6 vs 6, sadly. 2. The 0on5 was just, uhm, for testing purpose. 3. Nope, haven't released the 2on5, yet. 4. Yeah I talked to Halifax as well and he told me he was unable to play any of my hacks. Have no idea what the reason for that might be. Haven't heard anyone else having problems like that. The weird thing is that he's able to play Mack's hacked rom (although I think he's using another rom as a base than I've gotten hold of, but I've looked through half a dozen version of the original rom, with no luck of finding that one). 5. I've never played any hacked roms online. Tbh I've hardly played online at all. Well about a year ago I played ~20 games against Fenty, that's about it. So I'm not really sure how well they work on zbattle 6. I don't care much for SEL (Swedish Elite League), and certainly not MODO It was awesome during the lockout with all kinds of cool players on the ice. I actually watched two of the games that season. 10 years ago, after playing Elitserien 95 a lot, I got hooked on Luleå, but after Jarmo Myllys (goalie that played one year in Sharks, a two time SEL goal scorer with just an awesome personality and cool play style, often referred to as a 3rd d-man) quit I kinda lost my interest in Luleå and along with it my interest in the whole league. International hockey and NHL is what counts nowadays.
  5. Don't like 'em.. The ones they had in ~2000 or so were quite nice imho.. The early-mid 90's ones were cool!
  6. Hay ho... Found a Checksum fixer: http://stealth.romhack.net/Docs/Docs.htm "Ips patcher/Creator and Checksum recalculator" Tried it and it worked nicely. Edit.. Checksum offset is located at 33244 and is 4 bytes.
  7. Al MacInnis has no accuracy whatsoever (maybe on paper but not in the game), powerfull shot but the pucks end up all over the place (SNES).. From my season.. Uhm.. MacInnis is 3rd on goals with 10 but only 13th in points (amongst defense men). So I guess he actually is pretty good considering I mainly play with Detroit (I've probably played ~25 out of the 27 with Calgary though). On a side note: Best of the AI controlled teams is Vladimir Malkhov with 2 goals and 10 assists. Heh..
  8. I own both NHL 2k3 and 2k6.. I've "got" 2k7 as well. The thing, for me at least, with the games today, is that they always have one really annoying thing. With NHL '07 I actually thought it might be a game I would be playing for a long time... But yet again there was something (can't remember what) that turned me off after awhile. The 2k games have been a tad to stale for my taste I think. The NHL game I've played the most and have had the most fun with out of the more recent games is probably NHL Hitz Pro for PS2. Before that it's NHL '99 for PC, without a doubt the 3D hockey game I've played the most. '97 (Saturn) has got to be the absolute worst hockey game there is (by ease if you only count EA), they worked things up with '98 and hit the sweet spot with '99... Then they began to go downhill. I recall that I played 2000 quite a lot as well. Was it 00 or 01 that "introduced" the blue line backhand goals by the AI? My god that thing drove me maaaaaad.
  9. Artistic skillz of d00m! Awesome work!
  10. lol.. Two goalies. Nice Glad I checked out this forum part quick! Some weird glitches there. Can't say I stumbled across any real bugs with the SNES 3on3 rom. But at one time I had some serious glitches with one of my rom hacks. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I recal 1-3 players randomly ending up in the penalty box (without penalties) and staying there the rest of the game. I think it had to do with players on multiple places, wrong places (ie D on O) and stuff like that. But it sure gave me some headache!
  11. Tickenest: True about the siren. It's something that's missing, but I'd rather not have it than having the one in gen94, it gets very annoying really quick. And I guess the "hit post" sound could be better.
  12. Not that I liked either 06 or 07 too much... But seeing as 2k has implemented a feature (skill stick) that EA uses for the third year and they are like "wow, look what we can do", well I'm not impressed at all from what little I've seen of 2k8. A bit curious (more suspicious though) about 08 though, has some interesting stuff in it.
  13. What about the NHL '95 board/bench (at least bench) check sounds!? Haha.. They're terrific! Sounds like you hit an oil barrel with a crowbar or something... A tad of ironi there. Seconded.
  14. To be honest, and no need to flame me (wearing a flame retardant bunny suit), the sound is what I dislike the most with Genesis '94. Sure I get the nostalgia feel when playing EA Hockey, but I mean, it is a lot older and is therefore allowed to have worse sound but when '94 still has the same sounds, well... Especially when the SNES '94 on the other hand has some of the coolest (wow, caution alert, incoming baseball bats and throwing stars) sound effects for the 9x games imho. The Genesis intro however is bloody awesome. But the sound effects, sorry, can't stand them. Boy do I know how to make friends...
  15. IceStorm70: Check out "ControlMK" at http://www.redcl0ud.com/controlmk/ "Allows using a game controller for Mouse/Keyboard emulation". I'm guessing that it's a more advanced version of JoyToKey which I've used a lot during the years. I haven't used ControlMX yet but I don't think JoyToKey support analog controllers (at least not to great extent) that's why I'm suggesting this. Hope it'll work out for ya!
  16. Yeah I tried making 2on2 as well but found it to boring as it really lacked passing options for one timers and it just wasn't fun, you need that extra player to get flow imo. I bet 2on2 can be fun too though. It takes like.. A minute? It's a matter of two bytes per team if you only edit the "Best Line" so it's insanely simple actually. There are seven bytes per line: G, LD, RD, LW, C, RW, X (extra attacker, and the L and R might be the other way, but basically this is how it is). Each byte defines "who" in the lineup to be at which spot. So all you need to do is put 00 (two zeros) at the place of whoever you wanna remove. As for 2on5, I already have that for all teams actually! So there's one rom per team. As there's one for Anaheim, where the Ducks only have 2 players while all other teams have 5, that's why there has to be a separate rom for each team. I made it as an attempt of making the game harder but it's sadly to easy even with two players, at some times it's actually easier as you don't get ANY passes going to the wrong player. I noticed I have a 0on5 rom as well.. I think I just fooled around to see what only playing as a goalie would be like.
  17. I use Playstation 2 controllers. Would die to have one of those Sega Saturn USB pads though, best D-pad I have ever laid my hands on!
  18. BSDaemon: I posted most of my "notes" here: http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?s=&sh...ost&p=13393 There's another thread containing lots of offsets and stuff as well, it's in the "General Discussion" part.
  19. Geez.. Don't take it personal, or did you do those box covers? In that case I apologize. I've used Premiere for like what, 3-4 hours and pretty much just put some clips together that I had been saving for awhile, added some music and transitions. Sorry if it wasn't good enough. Detroit is also trying to get their hands on Forsberg, and they've already got seven Swedish players Not that I get why you started ranting about Swedish players, all I said was that I didn't like the appearance of two pictures (too rough language?) and some uniforms. Oh well. Cheers!
  20. I've only played against Fenty (well one game against Fat something) and I recall the games being pretty even, at that time I had barely played against friends. I probably won 30-40% of the games. Correct me if I'm wrong, Fenty. Considering Fenty was the runner up in one of the tournaments/seasons or what you call it, and the fact that I have played a couple of hundred games against a friend of mine since then, I'd say I "should" have a good chance of beating some people... But who knows, I might not stand a chance. Not really sure why I haven't played online more, I guess I just don't think it's as fun as playing someone IRL. I rather play first person shooters when it comes to online playing. Well I'm sorry that I couldn't contribute on saying who I think is the best as I've only had two opponents online (and sorry for over using "I" haha).
  21. Wow.. Those are some ugly ass box covers for '08. I have nothing against Vancouver, well maybe those Hartford:ish dresses.
  22. I have all player names (with stats and all that stuff) in an Excel sheet and calculated what each players G/A/P/PIM would be if he had played a full 82 game season. And then made up a scale to which should get high -> low stats in passing/shooting etc. Only included people who had played over 19 games into this though. To avoid getting a player that scored in his only nhl game getting to good stats. Maybe not the best way to go at it but I thought it was kinda neat.
  23. Norton is pretty much PC AIDS. Get rid of that crap. AVG - good and free. Kaspersky is probably the best one. I myself use NOD32. I completely hate Norton, it just bloat windows and slow down startup and everything, can't stand it. Haven't used Kaspersky in a pair of years probably, but I thought it was really decent even back then, but like I said, people that I've spoken to that knows about this s**t says it is one of the best atm.
  24. Yeah I think we've played somewhat like that sometimes. It would be pretty cool to have it as an actual game mode, so that the game disables other players when the opponent crosses the red line.
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