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  1. Ants in the Pants? Ants in the Pants? ANTS IN THE PANTS!?
  2. Hmm.. Aight.. Sorry I brought it off topic, that wasn't the point of that post, just a guess on one of the reasons that snes aren't that well represented on the forum. I recall that it's been discussed before and people agreed that it might be one reason.. And I mean if some newbie comes in and state that he/she plays snes and then gets instantly flamed about it with "snes sucks you retard" and stuff like that, it's not like the noob will stay around for the fun of it. The reason I hang around is cause I like to hack and most people are cool and helpful, there are just a few, not even a handful that are a bit over the edge sometimes, nothing that I care about really, but it's hard to ignore. I might be wrong, maybe there just are that few snes players, heh.. I'm sorry if I sometimes express myself oddly, as English isnt my native language, I feel/notice that I tend to exaggerate some expressions and such from time to time. Peace out!
  3. Although it might be a dead issue by now... Yes, arenacenter is nice! I used a roster update for 2001 and blomman's editor, to get the player stats when I worked on my olympic rom last spring. Haven't checked that site out since then though. But there was updates back to NHL 99 I think.. :þ
  4. In zsnes 1.51 you can export videos to AVI (and other formats) which works really well (maybe you can then open the zmw (w, 1, 2, 3 etc.. the reason that the max is zm9 is cause the savestate files are named zs9, z10, z10 etc.)files from the earlier emulator in this one), apart from that sound doesn't seem to get recorded... The file mencoder.exe is required and has to be downloaded (~11MB unpacked) and put in the zsnes dir. Maby needs some fiddling to get going, but shouldn't be any problems.
  5. I think snes is pretty well represented (with roms, emulators and other info) on the nhl94.com site, but maybe not on the forum, in fact, some of the genesis players are really unfriendly towards snes players (though this goes the other way as well in some cases). I think that might have "scared" off some potential players. I for one do not play online. I play with a friend from time to time. And fool around with the snes roms pretty much all the time. I've began work on an editor, but I'm nowhere close to being able to create something like nose, right now it doesn't feel like I'll be able to complete the small things even... I have however made a tool where you can sort of play a season mode (by extracting stats from savestates to an excel spread sheet) that works pretty well. Not released yet though as it's not user friendly. I've made some progress in making it easier to use, but some way to go before I even plan to release it... Evan: I think it would be a good idea to add the NHL '94 editor that IS available for snes to the "multimedia - download" page. Maybe add the 1.51 version of zsnes (although it doesn't support netplay it does have features like exporting to xvid (avi) !). If you haven't got the editor mentioned I can send it to you or up it here. And how come nose isn't on there? I can see why there's not an actual download link, but maybe redirection to http://www.hexaddicts.com/nose/ and some quick info about it, or is that already available somewhere? Can't find it on the main page either (only a link to the nose forum).
  6. I hardly ever play with offsides on since I just think it's plain boring and that's not what I look for in games. Simple as that. Though in the NHL 2K series I tend to leave it on, since it suits that kind of game better. In a matter of fact many of the newer games work quite well with offsides. But I prefer having it turned on on the 9x games snes/gens... And yeah, there's quite a difference between snes and gens regarding offsides, as I played a couple of games on gens this weekend. It was rather odd on gens, don't really remember what it was, but it has something to do with the "offside image" with the ref appearing to late, disappearing or something like that. I think that I overall like non sim games the best... Though I do like the others as well. :þ
  7. I didn't say anything in the other thread, but now there are three topics regarding the same thing... PM or at least keep it in one thread please.
  8. I use ps2 controllers and have used them for years and I like the D-pad... I would kill for one of those Sega Saturn PC-pads though... They must be lovely. The Sega Saturn pad has the best D-pad EVER. There's nothing even worth comparing. So, if you have one and feel suicidal. I can help you, the price is that gamepad.
  9. Awesome video dude! Looks like the genesis 94 has more deflections (that's the word, right?) than snes, the puck doesn't change direction like that at all. Cool! Oh my god yes! Even though I knew it was coming I didn't expect it to be that hilarious! I actually laughed out loud... Nice!! (at 3:10 for those who don't bother watching all of it, though I can't see why one wouldn't). And way to beat up the opponent after scoring! That's the way to do it! edit.. The song @ video #2 is: The Bravery - An Honest Mistake... I just had to dig it up
  10. Even though I don't play NHL '94 on the Genesis, I just gotta say I'm impressed. Really interesting to get this kind of insight on how it's done, and what can be done! Really cool.
  11. Delphi 7 Second Edition.. Are you familiar with Delphi or is it what you use (for NOSE)? Yeah, then I'm on the right track... That's pretty much what I've been doing, atleast trying to do. Thanks! That's great, it looks to be the same with SNES.. I haven't found a way to tell how many goalies there are, I recall there is in GENS (two bytes, 0001 = one goalie and 0011 = two goalies, or something.. Doesn't seem to be anything like that, in either "Endian"). It would be cooler to make it right, in being able to change amount of goalies and leting the functions be fully dynamic, but it'll do with the default amount. Once again, thanks wboy!
  12. Nope. Delphi. And whilie posting, haven't made any real progress, haven't been able to work much on it... It's the deal with dynamic variables that has me totally out there, heh. I have to gather some 300 variables or something, which are different from team to team, and different depending on if player names have been altered. I bet there's a much simpler way of solving it than what I'm doing (well, trying to do anyway)...
  13. I so envy how much more can be done in the genesis version... Well I'm guessing it all can be done on snes in theory, but reality is light years away. Hands down to this mod, clockwise! Looks awesome.
  14. dmac: nice one should make one for calgary and anaheim as well... nothing but goalies
  15. Just did a simple editor today for SNES NHL '94 so you'll be able to change the default menu settings by ease... Made this to see if I could do it. I'll look into it more the next days and see what more I can do. I know a lot that can be done, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to, heh.. What I mainly wanna be able to pull of is to change player ratings, and some other stuff to complement the current NHL '94 editor out there... I know I can't do some of the things in it, but it's missing some basic stuff which I hope I can fix. Backup your rom before use, as I haven't really tested it out much... NHL94Editor.zip
  16. As Fenty pointed out that Buffalo still had 5 players in my 3on3 rom I felt I had to upload the fixed rom... Note that this is for snes NHL.94.3on3_xstioph_fixed.zip
  17. Heh, I was just about to write: hort22: So how are you coming along with getting a scanner? Basicly aiming at the same thing there... Would be awesome
  18. Sorry about going off topic but lol.. SunnydaleSpike's avatar looks like Zoidberg in Futurama
  19. Sound and graphics better on genesis?... You've gotta be.... The sounds are horrid and the main (only?) reason why I don't even play it... I'd much rather play EA Hockey, at least it's as old as it looks and it has international teams! Gamplay on the other hand... Won't say either this or that, mainly what you're used to. If someone found a way to mute the damn crowd on genesis NHL 94 I might even consider playing it And the graphics, I don't even see how it's a contest. And I'm not talking about the recent mods, which look really nice, but the default one, errr.. But then again, I've been playing SNES NHL 94 with zsnes and "interlace" which makes it really smooth, and I think I've been using default rendering while playing genesis, although I have tried the different rendering options but never found any really good ones. But the players look way better on SNES imo. Menus are nicer in genesis, and the music is sweeeet!
  20. Snes and Genesis emulator on PS2 and Xbox Nomad? Is that like NTSC name for "Game Gear" (PAL?) or what? *google* Oh, a handheld game able to play Genesis cartridges!? Niiiice!
  21. newjerseykiller suck. With that being said. Love the "2 seconds left, no goalie goal" pwn! Some nice slapper goals there! Great work! Och förresten... Två svenskar nu!? Och ena är snesare! Kewl
  22. Hehe cool.. I actually tried the Japanese rom a couple of weeks ago... Well I pretty much only started it up to see what it was like...
  23. The master of masters!

  24. Kudos on maybe adding support for snes dude! Just that you consider it is really sweet.
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