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  1. I got the idea of making an excel document to keep track of the stats when I saw DaDouch's program.. It wasn't enough for me, I wanted to keep track of two players. This is our current "season"... (html extracted from excel) http://xstioph.no-ip.com/nhl94.htm The W / L / T calculation is automated, as is all the stats on the right... I know it's a bit messy. But it works really well.. If you want it I can send it to you. As you can see, there are additional sheets for keeping track of individual "rounds" or however you divide it.
  2. Hey there! Welcome.. s**t Evan, closing in on 1000 members!!
  3. @ SNES it's Lemieux, no question about it. Unable to hit him (if player controlled) and he shoots like hell, can score from anywhere
  4. Oh.. There was this new feature that I was really looking forward to with 07 but I don't know if it was just something in my imagination or only Xbox 360 maybe.. I read that you'd use both analog controllers to play. One for movement of the player and one for controlling the stick. So you'd have full control! It looked amazing. I saw some short clips where they showed it off, you could pull of some really cool dekes! Instead the controls in the pc version took a s**t dive.. wtf
  5. I've got it.. But I sure don't wanna play it.. 07? Well, I couldn't even configure my gamepad since I don't have that logishit that seem to be the only one they're supporting. Instead of assigning keys to functions like you ALWAYS DO IN ALL GAMES, you now assign functions to the keys.. I mean come on! That means having to "guess" which is which cause they aren't at all in the same place I didn't even play 07 for more than half a period. 9x games are the only good ones imo, at least by EA.
  6. @ snes the penguins are nasty to play against.. Impossible to check.. And with 25,66,68 it's kinda important do decimate their offence, witch is pretty damn hard!
  7. There's no chance that you'll enable snes support, right? It seems that it's quite enough work to just get it compatible with different gens versions.. Hats off either way! Great work, that OSHL page is just amazing!
  8. NHL 97 @ Saturn sucked pretty huge donkey balls, even at that time.. It was UGLY and the game play was a really sad story... I've played a pretty bad hockey game for snes "Super Hockey" something... Other than that I've enjoyed most of the hockey games I've played.
  9. Nice idea, looks really cool! Not to fond of installers for such small proggies though (.rar ftw)... I wish you could compare two profiles, but that don't fit the layout of this tool I guess. It got me thinking I should try and make one myself maybe... Probably won't though heh, too lazy, but I'm somewhat familiar with delphi, so I'd might be able to put something together.
  10. Oh god how I would want one of those black Saturn usb pads.. The Saturn pad is the best gamepad I've ever layed my hands on.. I just love that D-pad, it pwns all!
  11. Well I was mainly going for PC games.. That's why I didn't post any system, I just provided links so ya would get a picture of it if ya haven't heard of any of 'em before. And I did try that keikko game once.. Might have some potential.. But felt a bit to finnish and javaish. And I actually prefer single player with hockey games. Of course battling against friends is the most friends, but playing hockey online against people I don't know isn't my bag of potatoes really..
  12. I've been playing NHL 99 for the past couple of days. It was the last game I recall being fun.. Not too found of it but at least it has season mode. Some people talk about NHL 2004 being good, but I don't have that one. Don't remember if I've even played it.. I really liked NHL 96 for genesis back in the days, but there just are to few ways to score in it. In NHL 94 for snes I still today score in new ways now and then... Amazing. I've actually put a bid on NHL Championship 2000, new and pretty cheap. Just wanna try it out. Someone said it was good and uhm.. Well we'll see. I've played all EA's hockey games that I know of, as for the other ones Thought maybe we could put together all hockey games availiable for PC (not including air hockey and pong like hockey games of course.. But those with at least Blades of Steel quality heh): EA Sports: NHL 94 NHL 95 NHL 96 NHL 97 NHL 98 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL 2001 NHL 2002 NHL 2003 NHL 2004 NHL 2005 NHL 06 Series - URL Virgin Interactive: NHL PowerPlay 98 - URL Fox Interactive: NHL Championship 2000 - URL Midway Games: NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge - URL Infogrames: Backyard Hockey - URL Backyard Hockey 2005 - URL PS. If ya think we should list console hockey games as well here's a start: NHL Hitz, NHL 2k, NHL Face Off [PSX], NHL All-Star Hockey [saturn, Sega Sports]... DS.
  13. Oh no.. What is this coming to.. So I guess this is going to be Zetterberg and Datsyuk's year then.. And Lidström's of course, but that's just given, every year is Lidströms year. ^^
  14. It's gonna be weird with a Red Wings team without Yzerman.. Well I instantly thought of Lidstrom, for many reasons.. And I'm sticking to that. Although Shanahan would be possible as well.. ..so Chelios is gonna play another season?? Wow, there's no stop in that guy is there?
  15. clockwise: You haven't played nhl94 for snes at all have you? ^^ If you say that there aren't even highlights from other games... There are. Only in the play off though. heh
  16. The genesis goalies skate? Uhm, yeah.. Maybe cause they get knocked halfway around the arena just because you shoot at them. They bloody have to skate to "maybe" get back into goal. I don't see any of those points proving much.. And what does it matter, some people like one version, some the other... Personally I don't like either graphics, sounds or gameplay in genesis. I'd much rather play EA Hockey, which at least looks that bad because it's old, took them until 95 to change the looks of it on genesis... It's not that I don't like genesis. Actually I prefer all other versions on genesis than 94, where the snes version is far superior for my tastes.
  17. Yep NHL Hitz Pro is really great. Although it quickly gets into a loop imo... In NHL 94, still today I score "new" goals It just never stop being interesting. Regarding the speed of the games, I don't agree with NHL 95 (gen) being too fast like everyone says, I like the speed of it, if only the AI put up a challange it might have had some longevity for me... I don't know what you mean by one version being easier than the other but... AI wise, genesis is obviously far easier, controller wise I guess snes is "easier", since you have separate buttons for more functions and all that. One gameplay feature I'd like from gen nhl95 is the drop-pass, man that'd rule in NHL94! As for snes nhl95, I don't like it a bit... As a matter of fact, snes nhl94 is the only nhl game I play on snes, and it's the best hockey game I've ever played, odd... As for all the other games previous to 98 (where PSX was awesome to my recolection) my choice goes to genesis for all games except nhl94.
  18. Snes for me. I don't like the graphics, sounds nor the amateurish gameplay of the genesis nhl94 version. I'd much rather play EA Hockey, at least it's a bit charming. ^^ Actually I don't see any similarity between the snes and genesis versions of nhl94. It's quite obvious that genesis is the majority choice, though there seems to have stumbled in quite a few snes players lately.
  19. Some really nice plays there And a working URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3YVF4KxBXQ That download attachment wasn't really working for me..
  20. It's teh empty... I'll slap ChanServ with large trouts til someone else gets there..
  21. Some useful links. Team rosters, stats etc. http://www.hockeynut.com/ http://www.eurohockey.net/ http://www.hockeydb.com/ http://www.ihwc.net/
  22. God damn I hate the Penguins... Seriously HATE 'em... Is there any team that can check those guys? They are a big pain in the ass! It's even hard to hold/grab them. What's so special about the penguins? I mean, it's not like they are the biggest guys in the league, I can see that the Flyers are a bit hard to knock down, but... But.. SNES, against ai, not that it's any easier vs a player though
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