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  1. God damn I hate the Penguins... Seriously HATE 'em... Is there any team that can check those guys? They are a big pain in the ass! It's even hard to hold/grab them. What's so special about the penguins? I mean, it's not like they are the biggest guys in the league, I can see that the Flyers are a bit hard to knock down, but... But.. SNES, against ai, not that it's any easier vs a player though
  2. As for snes which I think has the best emulation, I'd chose emulation, so that I'm able to play hacked roms, save states etc. I think genesis feels fairly alright, but still not as superb as the snes emulators (both snes9x and zsnes are great). As for NES, I'd have to say it has the worst emulations I've ever feelt. I can't get any feeling what so ever while playing NES with an emulator (rocknesx at least looks good). Hence I have ~100 cartridges for my real thing. So there are absolutely two sides of every coin. The "real deal" is always better in the matter of feeling imo. But when you compare it with the other features and functions you get while playing on a computer, some stuff gets even better in front of the pc. Emu No CRT
  3. Nope.. Don't think any shooting was involved. Happened mid ice all three times I think.. Weird anyhow.
  4. Now, let's get even more people here.. With the amout of people increasing by the minute. Maybe there should be leagues with divisions. So better players meets better player and... You know.
  5. I've seen canceled shots (I don't mean with one-timers), no strange sounds at those times though.. But I've had another strange sound a couple of times lately, it sounds almost like a richochet! How odd is that?
  6. Hehe... Nice btw. I actually got a goal @ 0:00 the other day.. Didn't get any freezes that time. Just like any other goal. Still no face off though, went straight to intermission screen.
  7. I'm working on a bunch of roms with only 2 players on one team against 5.. And I'm not really sure where replacements are picked from if someone gets injured? And this is regarding if I play without line changes. 1. The extra attacker? 2. Same position on 1st line 3. Same position on 2nd line Sorry if the question is a bit unclear.. I just haven't thought about it before really. I'll try to find out for myself but if someone knows already... Well you know.
  8. It's right before the "best line" i.e. for Toronto it's the number 48 (489600 then comes the best line -> 01111208030C0E) You can look for the "signed byte" number (which in this case is 72). I think that's how it is anyway. I think it's the same on genesis. Hope it helps. Edit.. Check out wboy's post here: http://www.nhl94.com/forum/index.php?s=&sh...findpost&p=1722
  9. I just played a game SJ vs VAN and just as the first period ended, Vancouver scored a goal, and the time was 0:00. The game just freezed. Very odd. However it only lasted 10-15 seconds maybe, the goal counted and I was sent to the intermission screen. Has anyone else encountered this, does the same thing happen on Genesis?
  10. Heh.. Yeah.. I bet that would be A BIT more difficult with hockey... Though a heck of a lot cooler
  11. I've seen this "3on3" rom mentioned before, and I saw a video with 0on1 And now I finally experimented with the snes version and it wasn't hard at all to do. Heh.. I just wonder if there is such rom out there for snes already or if I "should" make one.. Edit: I put one togheter real quick.. I just removed all defensemen from the "Best Line", so if you turn on line changes there will be full lines heh. I also changed the default values of period length to 5 minutes and goalie control to manual. Other than that it's the default NHL 94 rom, for SNES that is.. Edit 2: Get the fixed rom here: http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?s=&sh...ost&p=19545
  12. Christ... That sick My best game with nhl94, snes (emu, default rom) ended 18-0 with 5 min periods.. That's not even 75-pace
  13. I agree. I've only played gen a few times and it was like a walk in the park. Though on gen it seems to be a helluva lot bigger differance between teams. I've never noticed that Chicago are that great on snes and such.. Snes feels a bit more "equal". Probably just me..
  14. NHL 94 on the snes was the first EA hockey game, I played when I later on got a Sega Genesis it came with NHL (Elitserien) 95. And I liked it a lot, still do. Sure, it's probably not realistic or anything. But season mode and a bunch of stats was just woohoo. I just recently played through a season of it, still enjoy it. Way too easy though. Even today I can find NHL 94 (snes) bit challanging every now and then. I then went to NHL 96 (genesis), now that game I played A LOT, the fact that you could create players that wouldn't look like "RETARDS" like in 95 was awesome. That was one thing that really bothered me in 95. That when you created a player, his name would be CAPSED, and naturally he wouldn't get a picture either. But in 96 I could create a whole team without it looking weird at all. Nowadays 96 just feels stale.. Everything feels so locked down. Limited ways of scoring and stuff... What makes me don't like the genesis 94 version is the sounds, I don't like them a bit. I guess I got fed up with them while playing EA Hockey which used the same horrible sounds. So my top three EA hockey games would probably be: 1. NHL 94 (Snes) 2. NHL 95 (Gen) 3. NHL 96 (Gen)
  15. Check http://www.portforward.com/ and see if you find your router/modem there. They have great coverage. Good luck.
  16. Ok the rosters with stats, dresses etc. are done and have been for awile. Canada, Czechz Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Swizerland, USA. Canada > Dallas Czech Rep. > New Jersey Finland > Toronto Germany > Vancouver Italy > Edmonton Latvia > Boston Kazakhstan > Pittsburgh Russia > Quebec Slovakia > Montreal Sweden > Ottawa Switzerland > Los Angeles USA > Chicago I have used 1-3 extra players to fill out the teams that wasn't in the olympics (picked them from the previous world championship). The stats are roughly based on the roster update from http://rosters.arenacenter.net/ for nhl 2001 from 11th of mars. Heh. Though the non-nhl players are mainly made up. Tried to get the jerseys as accurate as possible.. Jersey numbers and stick hands should be 99% accurate. Well I haven't been able to change either the logos or team banners.. So they are all default. If anyone have any suggestions I'd be greatful... Olympic_Hockey_2006_b24.zip
  17. http://www.nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=64 "Number of Forwards and Defense Players"
  18. When I was playing Team Fortress Classic (a Half-Life mod) I was in a clan where one of the members was 42 yrs old Family and all that.. And over at fortress-forever.com there are plenty of older guys.. Guess many of them started playing back in the Quake days It's pretty common that older people play nowadays, seems like it anyway. And I'm 24 btw heh
  19. Sharks.. I just replace the bad d-man with Ozolinsh *spelling* With Falloon, Irbe and Oz, it's actually a pretty good team.
  20. I'll play for as long as my eyes and hands let me! Nice story btw
  21. The first hockey game I played on pc was Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95... Or something like that. Was pretty fun Then of course Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey on the NES. Other more recent highlights are NHL Rock The Rink @ PS1 and the different NHL Hitz games @ PS2.. I never got to try any of the Face Off games though Nor Sega's hockey games for Saturn (and maybe Dreamcast as well?).
  22. 1. Elitserien (NHL) 95 2. Earthworm Jim I think there's another one that I played much (don't recall it)... Sold my Mega Drive many years ago... But I think Jungle Strike and Lotus II RECS has to split the 3rd place for now. Oh yeah, almost forgot NHL 96 uhm, dunno where to place it though.
  23. I think you guys should see this one! http://sports.ign.com/articles/681/681430p1.html Personal favorite on the list, number 15! rofl
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