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  1. And remember to close down P2P clients or at least limit their bandwith
  2. Now that I think about it.. In NHL 95 (Elitserien 95 actually) I think similar happened a couple of times. I remember the thing with a number 0. Was such a long time ago I can't really remember anything specific. Did get a few game-resets over the time I played, if it was ever related to the number 0 guy, I don't know.
  3. Alright.. I've done the 12 olympic teams with stats, jerseys, the right numbers, right stick hands etc etc. Mack. Do you have any hex offsets or ANYTHING that could help me to change the colors of the logos? I've tried some trial and error in the code around where the line info is, but no luck.. So I'm guessing it's somewhere else. I made some comparing between your 2003 rom and the default and found a lot of changes of random numbers somewhere... Maybe I'll check into it a bit more some other day, going away for the weekend. It feels good to finally be done... Well almost anyway. Got some minor things to fix
  4. I ordered some 6 PS2 controllers and 5 pcs Super Joybox 5 (or similar name), an adapter that you can attatch 4 PS2 controllers to. Though on 3 of the adapters that I tested (sold the other two right away) only 3 controller ports were working. Really odd, tried different drivers, computers, operative systems, nothing helped. Other than that they work really well! I ordered this from liksang. Was pretty cheap at first, but when I also on top of that got a f**king tax bill with an additional 20% of the price I got really pissed off. I also have an EMS2 adapter, purchased from levelsix.com. I recall there were some problems with that, haven't used it in a couple of years so I don't remember what it was... Oh yeah, wait a minute, I think I had to unplug and replug it after reboot (most of the time). That kinda sucked.
  5. AIM is an instant messanger (will probaly show up as the first link if you google it) similar to ICQ and MSN.. I use Trillian so I have all three in one proggie, there are a bunch of similar programs out there.
  6. Defense that's able to both check players and "save" shots
  7. Aah, so that's it... I feared there was no easier way. Thanks.
  8. I've got a friend who has broken so many things, not with nhl94 though... 2-3 tables, at least 2 keyboards, at least 2 gamepads, and uhm... probably more. I used to beat my keyboard whilst playing half-life now and then, once I broke it in half, never hit anything after that.. Except for a couple of soft punches in the table maybe, and occasional screaming I still suck at playing manual goalie so I mainly laugh when I get scored on. heh
  9. I've done Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia so far (only fixed stats for the first two though, but dresses and lineups are done for all four) but now things are getting weird hehe... As I mess with team names and stuff I'm starting to pile the small errors together... Now I've seen this error with two teams.. All the sudden a player is missing from a team, so it's basicly power play. Well he isn't actually missing, his in the box, but last time I didn't even play with penalties.. :S Think I have to redo it with a fresh rom. Heh, before it gets to weird. At least now I have all the info I need to carry on. (found all yersey numbers and final stats over at eurohockey.net, damn it wasn't easy to find!). I think I'll put the teams in whichever suits best according to team name lenght, since that seems to be whats troubling me the most... Would be nice to be able to change logo colors. Would it be possible to make the rink logo be "transparent" alternatively have the same color as the ice? I mean in international games there are no logos (other than commercial) on the center ice... That would be even better!! I saw a Genesis rom that had no team logos in the menus.. Wonder if that's possible in snes too. And what about the ice it self? I know the color can be changed on genesis, is it possible on snes?
  10. I see some of you put up avatars with scenes from the games and there are videos and stuff. How do you do it? I've tried using Fraps but it just doesn't seem to recognize zsnes as an DirectX application, even though it needs to have dx installed (at least I think so). Converters, any other fraps-like apps or what? Thanks.
  11. You don't by any chance have info on hex offsets for the logo colors or something? If you don't, it's not that important, but if you already has it written down, any notes on it, it'd be really nice. And.. To change the team names, errr.. Now that's something I'd never be able to do successfully. Using the NHL 94 editor only messes up the rom. And editing the names in a hex editor works only so well. But it'll have to do. I guess you have to re-arrange the whole order of the names if you wanna change them correctly and I just don't have to know-how. For now Sweden had to replace St. Louis, most similar banner and Finland got Toronto. I threw in Team Germany in Vancouver since they already had Germanys dresses
  12. It's just so stupid that it isn't enabled by default! Why should there even be an option to turn it off? Hmm.. There are hardly any benefits in having it turned off, right?
  13. Sigh.. Why can't you just decompile and end up with a huge bunch of nice .png files of all images/sprites? ;D That'd be sweet... One day... One day when "we" make our own game!
  14. Well this is far from the "best moment" and hardly even a record, but didn't want to start a new thread for "nothing".. So that's, a hat-trick in 40 sec, by a defenseman, with two goals in powerplay, no two assist of the same player (though/and all players on the ice got an assist each) and this was done with line changes on. Ehm.. Yeah, it's a custom team so the stats are probably All Star Team like heh, but still.. And btw, Mats Sundin got a hat-trick (0:10, 0:21, 1:06) early in the first period, which I then thought was pretty neat.
  15. Yeah I wanted the same thing.. I tried open NHL 94 with Tile Molester after I've breifly read through wboy's tutorial of changing the player cards for genesis. Didn't get a thing Couldn't find a single tile that looked like "anything" heh.. Would be so awesome to be able to change the player cards. I played the All Star rom for genesis and was like "what the hell!! is that possible!?" Really really cool. And since I've been having a thought on doing some kind of Olympic edition rom (as far as I can) I'd really would want to know how to change some colors and maybe even logos.. Don't know the point of creating such a thing, mainly just for fun.. And also kinda fun to play with your own national team
  16. Yeah that first one was hilarious.. And the other one, so true!
  17. I've had that happen to me quite a few times.. Snes though.. But when it freezes at that point, during the presentation it usually is something wrong in the lineup. I'm not to great at this either so I don't know if I can help.. But what I do at that point is first compare the new roster to the most recent working (making backups is one of the most important things when messing with thins like this) and see if there might be some obvious errors.. I do learn more and more, but a few times I have had to replace (in a hex editor, since there's no NOSE for Snes) the whole team and then re-enter the things I want edited. Let's wait for wboy, he'll know what to do
  18. Yesterday I got 6 highligts in the intermission before the 3rd (!) overtime period in the first round.
  19. Yeah.. I've played this game for a decade and more, and learnt what that did/how to use it just a week ago or so.. If you turn it on you can use L & R to take control of either left or right defensemen! ^^ God, I was so embarrassed when I learnt that.. It was posted in a thread here just recently. edit.. It was shakazuzu that posted it here: http://www.nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showt...1744entry1744
  20. Oh my GOD!!! For PC!! Gaaah!!! *gets totally crazed* I wonder if that can be bought in Europe! :D :D Direct link to it: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-1i-77-...pad-70-cj4.html As I said, best d-pad ever!! It is TOTALLY PWN! Holy crap, I can't belive it's available for pc! Even though I have some ~6 Playstation 2 controllers for my pc already, this would be the cream on the cheese! And btw. I've already went through two Gravis Gamepad Pro's, and I do NOT recommend them (one usb and one on game-port)! Go with a PS2 controller (or maybe a Logitech copy, said to be pretty good).
  21. I play with Playstations 2 controllers, using usb adapters.. (got a bunch ) I have never seen a pc gamepad with even a half assed d-pad, they are all rubbish imo, I like the old school d-pads (Sega Saturn controllers has the *best* d-pad).
  22. Nah, didn't take too long, half an hour or so. Heh. After all, I knew what I was looking for and I've looked it up (half assed anyway) once before. And no I haven't looked at NOSE at all tbh, since I have hardly even played the Genesis version (well I've seen the screehshot of it of course, looks totally awesome! What more can I say? Heh). Yeah the first XX is jersey atribute.. Didn't know that the last two was the length of the name! That puts everything in a whole new perspective! Since the begining of the first name of the first player in every team always is at the same offset, hmm... Interesting! Gotta look into this some other day. *takes a look in hex workshop* Aha! Doh! So that's a number that tells the lenght of the player name... And it's before the name? sigh, should have been obvious. I always thought that those numbers belonged to the name before it, since there are two zeros after the length numbers. I hope I don't sound like a german riddle or something. So, by counting together a teams total of letters, that's what is the limit for that team... God, I would kill for the source for the "NHL 94 Editor" wakka wakka... I'll end this gibberish now and head for bed. Later!
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