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  1. Impressive! Yeah, I'm at least getting an idea of how things are working Have yet to try out those Game Genie codes though. Thanks once again! I've done some "digging" myslef, in what each stat number represent... Dropped these conclusions: Player stats (The individual stats of a player is directly after the player name.) XX 123456789ABCDE XX = Jersey # (decimal) 1 = Weight 2 = Agility 3 = Speed 4 = Off. Aware. 5 = Def. Aware. 6 = Shot Power 7 = Checking 8 = Stick hand: Uneven = Right. Even = Left. 9 = Stick Handling A = Shot Accuracy B = Endurance C = ? D = Passing E = Aggression Goalie stats (The individual stats of a player is directly after the player name.) XX 123456789ABCDE XX = Jersey # (decimal) 1 = Weight 2 = Agility 3 = Speed 4 = ? 5 = Def. Aware. 6 = Puck Cont. 7 = ? (0) 8 = Handness 9 = ? (0) A = ? (0) B = Stick Right C = Stick Left D = Glove Right E = Glove Left Stats are 0-6 (0 = 25, 1 = 35, 2 = 45, 3 = 55, 4 = 65, 5 = 85, 6 = 100) Weight is 0-F (0 = 140, 1 = 148, 2 = 156, 3 = 164, 4 = 172, 5 = 180, 6 = 188, 7 = 196, 8 = 204, 9 = 212, A = 220, B = 228, C = 236, D = 244, E = 252, F = 260) Note: 789A in the goalie stats are almost always 0000, Daren Puppa is one of the few goalies that right handed. Thereby 0100 at those positions to create a right handed goalie. I tried to make it as clear as possible. I have this info for Sega CD, but haven't found them anywhere for SNES. Hopefully it can help someone. Would be awesome to have a simple player stats editor, might be able to create one with a little help from a firend, but I seriously doubt it, both my own ablitities and that this friend has the time for it.
  2. I don't know for sure, but from what I've heard the Genesis migtht have one of the worst sound chips, but I still like the sound like hell! I couldn't care less if it's not as good, technically, it still produces a very nice sound imo. 8) About the graphics, not sure.. I have played Earth Worm Jim on both consoles and can't say that I remember any big differance in graphics, but on the other hand, comparing i.e. Donkey Kong Country and Sonic is almost ridiculous, heh. Well I played with the "All-Star.bin" rom, and it was way harder! I could barely get a tie. Even though Lemieux still had almost 100 in stick handling, it was almost impossible to score with those left-right-left dekes. I ended up on a #nhl94 on some irc-network, and it was filled with finnish people. Didn't stay around to talk to any of them (since I assumed they all played the Genesis version) but might see if I can find that channel again and challange someone.
  3. I might have played a game or two before, but this is my first time that I really put heart into it. Yeah I know, being as big of a fan of the SNES version as I am it's weird to say that I've hardly even tried the Genesis version. Well here are my first impressions of the game: Opening screen: Aaah, the wonderful Sega Mega Drive sound chip produces such awesome music! Yeah that's what we call this great machine over here. The thing with user records owned my heart right away. There was no big problem to get in to it, by all the hours, days and weeks I've spent with 95 and 96 on the Genesis. Basicly the same controllers and I've done my fair share of playtime with EA Hockey as well. When I first started playing (Detriot at home vs LA) the first thing that came to mind was the graphics, but that was only for a few seconds. Got a bit caught on the grunt cheking sounds, exactly as I remembered it from EA Hockey. But that didn't bother me for more than a few checks. Shot sound was more than alright, nothing beats SNES NHL 94's shot shound though. Took 1:02 before Federov got the first goal, and another 25 seconds til the other one. Then it took a good 5 minutes until Yzerman popped another one, and a few seconds later when Federov slamed in the hat-trick goal there was no stopping me. 6-0 after the first period and 5 of the goals by Federov. The second period was signed Yzerman with 2 goals and one assist. 9-0 going into the third period. Struggeling with being on the top side a bit. Gretzky had a pair of chanses, one that should have been a goal, but not this time. After only 13 seconds into the third, Chevledae gets hit into the goal resulting in the puck ending up in there as well... And a couple of minutes later the whole defense line falls appart and Sandström scores on a one timer from the left face off circle. The game finally ended 13-3. Can't say I was anything else then disappointed, at least with that start. Game was played with default settings except manual goalie (which I didn't get to try out too much). If this game had a season mode I would definately play it. But with single games, I see it as way to easy. Maybe and probably just beginners luck, but still. I find the SNES version being quite more challanging. The main screen music is just aaawesome, best version of that tune I've heard so far! The music in game was also very decent, but the sounds from the crowd were, ehm, "lame". Final words: Can't wait to play this online some time! Shame all of you seem to be on the other sid of the sea. Any europeans out there?
  4. So I've played a game of NHL 95 once every now and then (with a year between each try or so) but a couple of days ago I decided to play a bunch of games and see if I could come into it. I played the genesis version like crazy back ~10 years ago and liked it a lot. The season mode was awesome back then. The animations are really weird, and the sound effects are just plain bad imo. If you make a quick shot it still plays a slapshot animation, I guess it doesn't matter too much but it looks odd! The only thing I can really count as good in the game is that it has a season mode. Heh. Well no, the practice mode where you can set exact number of players, that is so frickin' cool. In genesis you could only chose from 0-2 players on each team (at least in Elitserien), but on snes you can chose to play against a whole team as just a goalie! One thing that was cool in gens was the A-button, which, if you were going towards the net and pressed it, the player would deke (if he was in the offensive zone) but if you pressed the opposite direction you would make a drop pass, which worked excellent! I've never seen that in any other hockey game... That thing was a very good sulotion to the "hooking" button.. And out of the offensive zone you'd dump the puck in like in the other games. Don't think I will spend any time with this game though. Sure, you can do pretty random goals, which is good of course but there's a lot missing for med to like it "overall". Mainly small things, but that's usually what lets me down, all of the more recent games has something that's annoying as hell.
  5. Thanks man! Though I think I have overestimated my knoweledge in this area, heh.. I only know basic html atm. I have a friend that knows a lot about this, might ask him some basics.
  6. I don't know if it was NHL 94 or trading hockey cards that got me caught, it was around the same time. I've always had an interest in hockey, though mainly international hockey and somewhat of an interest in the Swedish Elite Leauge. I have to admit that my interest in IRL NHL has gone down in the same pase that the games has become worse and worse. I regulary (every day) check out nhl.com and try to keep track of most things. Unfortunately I can't watch any games, not even on tv. During the beginning of the season I got a few games streamed over internet so at least that was something. I used to purchase hockey magazines etc. but nowadays all/most info can be found online. And the info in magazines was always out dated. So you can say my NHL interest began with video games, but turned into a more IRL interest as the years went by. But along the line with the games going downhill, so has the IRL interest. I know you can download last nights games via torrents now, but it's not so fun to watch a game any other way than live.
  7. http://www.nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=309 http://www.nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=307
  8. It's so very different from game to game from time to time.. Used to play NHL 94 with no line changes, no penalties and manual goalie. But my last "episode" with 94 I've played with penalties and manual line changes. No offsides though, can't stand that, never could. It just doesn't work well in a game imo.
  9. If you wouldn't mind, could you send that zip to me as well? xstioph@hotmail.com (or @gmail.com if it's larger than 20mb, but I guess it's only a matter of kilobytes, heh). Thanks.
  10. Wow.. Now I'm getting really excited! So, malachku, you're saying that the stats and stuff on http://geoff.myvnc.com/nhl/ is all by you, it's not an online league or something? Do you like.. Write down all stats for each player in forms and then the "php" calculates the rest, and puts it in nice order etc? I would so love that. Haven't thougth of fast-forwarding games to "sim" them before. (In Zsnes you can actually assign buttons to fast-forward, and even reverse!) Wouldn't it even be possible to extract stats from a save state? Not really sure how that php thing works, but I would be really interested in tryiing it out, if you'd want to share it that is. Looks awesome!
  11. wboy: You wouldn't happen to know where the default values are for "Defense Ctrl" ? I tried to change some 0000's to 0100 before the place where the text "Defense Ctrl" is.. Wouldn't know any other way how to find it. Uhm.. Did you use some kind of disassambler or something to find those default menu settings or what? You hardly found that out by "trial and error" did you?
  12. I actually played NHL 96 for SNES yesterday, couldn't stand it at all, didn't even complete the first game.. The sounds are really bad, I can't understand what they did after NHL 94... I went back a year and played NHL 95, the fact that the sounds sucked almost as bad in 95 didn't make bad enough impression so I played a whole game. I liked how you were able to do a 360° very quickly, but why no snapshots?? In NHL 94 you can shoot really quick, sure in 95 you can shoot pretty quick, but it still does a wrist shot animation. Yeah, about the animations, they are even worse than the sound. I was surprised how similar the two 95 and 96 games were on both SNES and Gen! At least by the looks. Since the NHL 94 versions aren't similar in any way, even the game play is a lot different. I can't describe the sounds in 95 and 96, lacking vocabulary. It's mainly the shot shound that bothers me in them, can't recall they were that bad in Gen. The game play over all feels very stale and like you said Mack, the many different possibilities of scoring in 94 is great. I think the variety is as big in SNES as in Gen. These are the EA hockey games that caught my attention the most (in no order). EA Hockey NHL 94 - SNES (Sadly, this is the one I've played the most, but one of the few I haven't owned!) NHL 95 (Elitserien) - Gen NHL 96 - Gen NHL 99 - PC After 99 it really started going down hill, I think 2000 was the last game that I played "a lot" (at least completed a couple of seasons).
  13. The highlights are cool. They usually do pretty wicked (almost impossible) goals! Heh.. During the first round of the play off it can be some 3-4 games I think.
  14. shakazuzu: Oh dear lord, I haven't actually known about L/R controlling defense..! In all these years, I feel like such a newbie. *sigh* It's actually very embarassing and frustrating! *tests it out* And now I know why, since Def. control isn't enabled by default I've only enabled it a couple of times and not found that it did anything I've never really cared about it. But damn! I wonder if it can be enabled (by default) with some editing of the rom. Might add that I've never read the manual for the game, since I've had it on the computer and none of my friends that had it did have the manual. Well anyway: X = Poke checks when you're controlling the goalie.
  15. Oooh, awesome! Thanks a LOT wboy! Gonna look into this right after I've had something to eat.. Heh Edit: Didn't notice any real changes when changing the Team Rating, at least it didn't seem like it was effecting AI teams if it was high or low... But at least it looks good now when it's 100 all the way Chaning the default settings was pretty easy when I knew how. Heh. Made these notes (copy, paste and edit of what wboy posted for Genesis) : (The first value is the default one) Game Mode - 0000 for Regular season, 0100 for Continue Playoffs, 0200 for New Playoffs etc. Home Team - 0B00 (Montreal, 0000 for Anaheim thru 001B for for ASW) Away Team - 0A00 (Los Angeles) Per. Length - 0001 - 0000 for 5 min, 0100 for 10 min, 0200 as 20 min (or as hacked) Penalties - 0000 - Off, 0100 = On, 0200 = Off, No Offside Line Change - 0000 - Off, 0100 = On, 0200 = Automatic Goalies - 0000 Manual, 0001 Auto I'm getting kind of done with my rom I think.. A couple of teams left and some finishing up. Wonder what I should do next. Would be fun to try and make an editor, but I'm far from able to do something like that.. I have some knowledge in Delphi, but it's very limited and was a long time since I used it. And the only thing close to it I did was a profile-stat editor for Delta Force
  16. Does anyone know where/how to change the overall team rating? Because that seem to make a LOT of differance on team performance. I've tried and search for a teams rating in most values... Hex, text, string etc.. Can't seem to figure it out. I.e. Sharks rating is 56, so that would be 38 in hex, but there are soo many 38's in the rom Yes, I'm quite a newb at this, that's why I'm talking all weird, and I'm also Swedish.. Well, anyone have any offset where to begin looking or something else? I really have no clue on how to find it.
  17. Aargh.. I'm getting a bit fed up with this now. There's something messed up with Philadelphias roster... Mack's and the default rom works fine. But after some "extensive" editing of the flyers roster, the def. lineup gets messed up. If I try to edit the LD or RD in the game, it freezes. I did however notice that 3-4 players (Mack's version) had some extra hex numbers... This got fixed using the nhl94 editor and renaming some players, but I guess it was at this point it got messed up. Gotta have to check this out more tomorrow..
  18. Ok I might think I know how to make players either left or right shooters.. In a hex editor, after a players name, there's first his jersey number, then seven numbers that defines stats (turn all these into sixes if you want 100 rated players) then comes the number that defines stick hand, and if I'm not misstaken, an even number defines 'left' and an odd number defines 'right'. (the six numbers after that are also stats, so turn them in to sixes as well for a 100 rated player ) I tried this just now so I'm not all sure about it yet. There are to many leftys for me to create Quebec/Colorado the way I want it so I really had to change some people, and it seemed to have worked. All I did was turn a 4 into a 5. This is probably sooooo basic for you guys, but since I asked about it I just thought I'd tell ya. [Edit] Just to show you what it is I'm doing... No, I'm not a Colorado/Quebec fan, I'm trying to do this to all teams... This is just an example. Btw, I'm a Detroit fan I'm creating a version were all player has 100 ratings (To create a faster and much smoother game play. I.e. they can now recive all passes, no passes just bounce of their asses anymore etc. And the other teams players tend to break of passes better, over all a better game. And I also try to bring together the best players of each team, at least over the time I've know NHL, so there are some from back in the 80's, but not before that.
  19. Xstioph

    NOSE 1.0b released!

    Oh my god!! Prepare your self for an interactive hug! Ehm.. No seriously, that would be totally pwnage (ehm..) I haven't tried it for Genesis, but from the screenshot I saw on your site it looked VERY useful!
  20. lol.. Didn't get it the first time.. But after I watched it again... Just a sweet glitch
  21. Oh wow.. This would be wonderful! Has anyone tried "Game Maker" or any similar software? I wonder if it would be possible to do with one of those programs or if it's too simple. I've only tried Game Maker for a short time, didn't feel I had the time or energy to learn it at the moment... Keys for fun is mainly simplicity... Functionality and usability is two other important factors. Graphics on the other hand is NOT... Ever played a game of Jump n Bump, Mashed or maybe GeneRally with three (or five in GeneRally's case) friends for example? Pretty simple games but insane fun! Mashed has somewhat decent graphics but is one hell of a party game! Fun is what's needed! Of course, I'm not the one to complain if the fun game also is nice to look at, but it's not too important! We need to take over EA Sports! Tell them a word or two! Revolution! Devolution! Bring back the fun!
  22. Well I've actually haven't played NHL 94 "irl", only on emulator so I have no real feeling for it, sorry to say. I had EA Hockey, Elitserien (NHL) 95 and NHL 96 for Genesis, though the first EA hockey game I've played was NHL 94 at SNES, and that is still my all time favorite hockey game. NHL 94 at snes keeps that fine line between fun, great gameplay and graphics to me. Unfortunately I think that the Genesis versions pre NHL 95 are close to ugly, but I sure did enjoy EA Hockey every now and then. Haven't played NHL 93 much either, but I have played it irl some times. I've never owned a snes though, heh.. So I play it on emulator like all the time. And I love to edit game, in which ever way so I try my best to make it the way I want it... But if I found a snes with nhl 94 for the right price I would probably buy it. And then get one of those things where you can play roms, I guess you can play hacked roms on that thing? That would be the best. So my obvious choice is the SNES version. But! However, I do LOVE stats, so that's one thing that has me very curious with the Gen verison. Well well... That's the way it is.
  23. Hell yeah, the fighting was SO AWESOME! No other hockey game even comes close! It was just so darn cool! Especially when you pulled your opponents jersey up and slammed him to the ice and keeps pounding him! Hey, it's a game! It's awesome! But I gotta agree that the gameplay was very different, and not good different. As you say, the goalie control... I think it's fun as hell to control the goalie both in all previous games, but that just ain't "possible" in the newer games. I don't think I've ever made a save in 99-06 as a goalie... And the goal scoring had lost it's spirit too.. No up close goals. If I recall correctly it was either blue line shots (low corner, same side you are at), one-timers or rebounds that would end in goals.
  24. Greatest moment? Uhm.. I mainly play it by myself nowadays, and my best game ended 18-0 in 5 minute periods, done with default rom on zsnes (so yeah, it's the snes version). Shots actually were 34-28 But a shooting % of 52 has gotta be the best I've had. It felt like everything was going in. Yzerman was the big game winner with 10 goals and 4 assists. All game stats were actually pretty even, except for those that matter Don't have any real memories against friends though... It was about 10 years ago since I really played it a lot against friends. Sadly.
  25. Xstioph


    Well of course.. Heh. But I assumed he meant PAL Elitserien and PAL NHL... Of course there will be a differance if you use non standard regional settings. Anyway. The deke move in 95 was really effective, so was the "drop".. In most other games the puck just gets dropped and goes in a random direction and you loose it. But in 95 you can set up the guy behind really good. So i.e. getting past the blueline, drop, make a deke with the other player and one of those side-to-side dekes, that was one really nice "combo". Aah, the days. Only.. If only NHL 94 would have had season mode.. There would be NO COMPETITION what so ever from other hockey game! It would be so freakin unbeatable! Can't someone "buy" the code for NHL 94 and make a new, enhanced version? Argh, then it would of course be done for Genesis and I'm a snes fan.. Darn it, I'm screwed either way
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