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  1. Hell yeah, the fighting was SO AWESOME! No other hockey game even comes close! It was just so darn cool! Especially when you pulled your opponents jersey up and slammed him to the ice and keeps pounding him! Hey, it's a game! It's awesome! But I gotta agree that the gameplay was very different, and not good different. As you say, the goalie control... I think it's fun as hell to control the goalie both in all previous games, but that just ain't "possible" in the newer games. I don't think I've ever made a save in 99-06 as a goalie... And the goal scoring had lost it's spirit too.. No up close goals. If I recall correctly it was either blue line shots (low corner, same side you are at), one-timers or rebounds that would end in goals.
  2. Greatest moment? Uhm.. I mainly play it by myself nowadays, and my best game ended 18-0 in 5 minute periods, done with default rom on zsnes (so yeah, it's the snes version). Shots actually were 34-28 But a shooting % of 52 has gotta be the best I've had. It felt like everything was going in. Yzerman was the big game winner with 10 goals and 4 assists. All game stats were actually pretty even, except for those that matter Don't have any real memories against friends though... It was about 10 years ago since I really played it a lot against friends. Sadly.
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    Well of course.. Heh. But I assumed he meant PAL Elitserien and PAL NHL... Of course there will be a differance if you use non standard regional settings. Anyway. The deke move in 95 was really effective, so was the "drop".. In most other games the puck just gets dropped and goes in a random direction and you loose it. But in 95 you can set up the guy behind really good. So i.e. getting past the blueline, drop, make a deke with the other player and one of those side-to-side dekes, that was one really nice "combo". Aah, the days. Only.. If only NHL 94 would have had season mode.. There would be NO COMPETITION what so ever from other hockey game! It would be so freakin unbeatable! Can't someone "buy" the code for NHL 94 and make a new, enhanced version? Argh, then it would of course be done for Genesis and I'm a snes fan.. Darn it, I'm screwed either way
  4. Also, L and R makes your team's name flash in the pause menus. Useful!
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    Yeah I played it a lot when I first got my Mega Drive (Genesis for you folks over there).. Haven't noticed any conciderable speed differance though.. I truly loved that game back then. The only thing that was annoying me was that created players had their names CAPSED lol... Such a small thing to get annoyed with. heh NHL 96 was better in some ways. Only the deke semed to have dissapeared, now the easiest goals were scored bottom corner by a slapshot from the blue line... Odd.
  6. Yeah ok, thanks.. But I didn't see anything similar to that. And btw, what does the "R" stand for? I thought it was rating, but that didn't make sense.. That editor is gonna make this really smooth.. I'm gonna do a kind of best of the best teams, I've already started with Detroit long time ago.. Well at least best of 80's, 90's and now Wonder which player will be in most teams. I recalled I had got a mail from Mack with a tutorial for Sega CD... Though that site was gone now, fortunately I was able to fetch it from a cashed google site here if anyone's interested. Last time I did this I was able to change the lines in Hex but now I didn't get it to make sense, hehe.. I think I know what it is though, I didn't think in hex. Oh well. One thing that's been bugging me.. Do player NAMES actually have properties tied to them? It's probably all in my mind. But even when all players have 100 in all attributes, some of them play different, for example Dino Ciccarelli tends to hit the posts A LOT and Coffey feels a bit better than Lidstrom... Gah, it's driving me nuts, since it doesn't make sense, I don't really belive that it is so. So please tell me there's just a dwarf messing with my mind.
  7. Hey guys. I'm Christopher, a NHL 94 fan from Sweden, 24 years old . For SNES though, but still... Been loving the game since I first played it and still do! I've played most of EA's NHL games, had both Elitserien 95 (Swedish Elite League edition of NHL 95) and NHL 96 for Genesis, but the favorite is NHL 94 at SNES. These three games are the hockey games I've played the most.. I would definately kill for a NHL 94 with a season mode! That would be the absolute best, of course you can always wish for stuff, like more detailed stats etc, but a season mode would be so freakin awesome, I don't think I would ever play a different game! I've stumbled across this forum before a couple of times, thought I had registered before but couldn't find any of my usernames here, so I felt I had to register this time. I think I found my way here through, or thanks to Mackroms, whom I probably found on thunderpuck.com or something, some years ago. Peace out folks
  8. Hi hi. (first post) I've always loved NHL 94 and still think it's the best hockey game there is... For SNES. *dodges* I might write a presentation of myself somewhere more suiting later, now let's get on with the topic. I got interested with editing NHL 94 when I first played Mack's version of it. And I did manage to at least change some stats. A year later I got the urge back again and wanted to do more! I haven't been able to create new players from scratch, but I have edited some player names that are the same length and so on.. I got happy when I found out how to edit the preset lines! I dug thru some tutorials for Genesis and Sega CD, and they did help a bit, at least pointed me in the right direction.. Had some email conversation with Mack who helped me to get even more on track, thanks. The version I'm playing with now is a tweaked version of the default rom, some teams have been imported from Mack's version. And detroit ("my" team) is some kind of "best of the best", with stars from now and then.. All teams first lines have 100 in stats, and damn that did change the gameplay a lot! Awesome to play now. Much more speed and more flow, though the AI break passes more often, but that's just good. But now when I found that editor someone mentioned above I got the urge to go at it again... One thing that I don't get is why there is no "Best Line" to edit in that program. And when I saw this: http://www.hexaddicts.com/images/nose_big.png I really wanted to figure out how/if that stuff is possible in SNES.. The "Menu Default" things... Would be neat to be able to set my default settings there! Will have to look into it. I thought I wrote down all I figured out the last time but I was wrong.. sigh.. I think I did, probably lost it. [Edit] Ah, found my notes.. I had just did some bad commenting. Though I don't remember how you change handness on a player.. I think that was the biggest problem last time out too. Anyone have that info in handy?
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